Fiber mounting plate available in maximum density

This mounting plate accommodates 12 MT-RJ dual-polarity adapters for maximum density. It fits onto the manufacturer's line of fiber wall and rack mount patch panels, including the Universal 2RU Panel, which holds up to six mounting plates. Leviton
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Duct comes in custom length options

The BA6 and DNG Series of wire ducts offers high-density slotted walls to accommodate the wiring of other IEC style control cabinet components such as DIN rail-mount terminal blocks, relays and interface modules. Wieland Electrical Connections
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System doubles as a vacuum and excavation system

The FX30 Vacuum Excavation System is both a portable vacuum unit that can be used for a variety of utility cleanup operations and an efficient “soft” excavating machine. It has a powerful two-lobe blower. The Charles Machine Works Inc.
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Fiber connectors are easier to install

Thread-Lock Connectors now come equipped with a silicone, 900 Micron build-up sleeve that is split for easy, snap-on installation. Requiring no special tools for assembly, these no-crimp connectors can be used with all common types of fiber cable. Leviton
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Surface raceway handles power and data

The MediaTrak 7 is a medium-sized one-piece nonmetallic surface raceway with a double latching cover. This single channel raceway is fast and easy to install and suitable for both communications and electrical cabling. For data cabling alone, it will hold up to 10 Cat. 5e cables, while remaining within initial cable fill requirements of 40%. The new raceway features fittings that have a 1.25-inch minimum bend radius accommodating all copper and fiber-bend requirements. Corner fittings snap on over the raceway channel. Single and double-gang outlet boxes are available. Hubbell Inc.
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Low-profile AC source offers control

The ContinuousWave Programmable AC power source series complements the manufacturer's CW manual series. Designed for testing single-phase equipment, the series is available in three power ratings: 800VA, 1,250VA or 2,500VA. Polyphase systems can be configured using multiple units. Elgar Electronics Corp.
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Poke-through system reduces labor costs

The Walker RC7 Series poke-through system offers two Cat. 5e communication connectors and 20A duplex power receptacles in a flush wire and cable management system. This eliminates the cost of installing a second poke-through. Wiremold
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Switchgear product offers cost-saving design

The PD-100, a versatile automatic switchgear product, offers a reliable and economical method of operating a single generator set — 20kW to 2,000 kW and 800A to 4,000A — in closed transition paralleling with a utility power source. Kohler Co.
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Floodlights suitable for hazardous environments

This line of floodlights is designed specifically for NEC Class 1, Division 2 hazardous applications. These floodlights feature a UL 1572 Marine listing and are available in four different sizes and wattage capabilities. Lithonia Lighting
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Power system optimizes backplane space

The compact cPCI 550 power series provides needed alternatives for the 48V DC input power system. Its under the chasis mounting design maximizes backplane space by locating more power directly below the backplane. Astec Power
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Home media system replaces expensive cable with Cat. 5

The Decora Media System makes it possible to replace old-style audio/video distribution components and wiring with a new concept based on the data-networking model. Rather than using more expensive cables, the system uses the same type of wiring found in structured cabling systems to save money. The system converts stereo audio and baseband video signals for home theater and distributed audio/video to Cat. 5 and UTP cable. The system also employs active electronics for streaming audio and video signals over distances up to 300 meters with no audible distortion. Leviton
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Fixtures come in many finishes and shapes

These wall and ceiling-mounted fixtures offer decorative and accent lighting capabilities for outdoor and wet locations as well as indoor locations. The 10 exterior chrome bulkhead fixtures come in a variety of shapes ranging from square, round, eyelid and oval shapes to the Model 8082 that projects a distinctive halo on its mounting surface. FC Lighting Manufacturers
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