Molded hand light features waterproof switch

The HLS-760 solid rubber hand light, integrally molded to a heavy-duty cable, features a completely encapsulated waterproof on/off switch to provide safe and durable temporary lighting. A rubber “O” ring molded into the socket of the lamp neck forms a watertight seal, which eliminates problems associated with oil, dirt and moisture. A durable non-phenolic insulator further reduces moisture absorption. A nickel-plated copper alloy screw shell adds increased protection from harmful elements. Duraline
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Connectors deliver improved sealing, grounding power

The Tek-Mate xtra line of hazardous location cable connectors features a patented compression insert that delivers more pull-out protection for Teck and jacketed metal-clad cable. The locking sealing chamber and rain-tight NEMA 4 insert gives the connectors the capability to create true 360-deg grounding, while simultaneously eliminating the hassle of cable twisting. The connectors feature corrosion-resistant, copper-free aluminum construction that takes the punishment of hazardous locations and a low-profile hex hub. O-Z/Gedney
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Shutters protect connector from contaminants

The Quickport field- installable shutters protector connectors with a one-piece hinged door keep out dust and contamination. Suitable for commercial or residential workstation applications, the shutters work in any quickport housing and fit on USOC eight-position, Cat. 3, Cat. 5e and Cat. 6 connectors. For easy port identification, the shutters come with labels and recessed windows with covers. Two accessory kits are also available with additional text labels, icons and windows. Leviton Voice & Data Div.
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Whole-house audio system lets parents and kids listen to music

The MC200 provides multi-room audio and intercom features — all in a single network. The system's digital network hub, which includes a stored media device, gives localized control from intelligent room stations with wall-mounted LCDs. These room stations allow people to listen to different music or radio stations in various rooms throughout the house at the same time. The system installs easily into new homes and can be retrofit into all older homes. Its built-in components save shelf and floor space. M&S Systems
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Security lighting saves 80% energy

This motion security lighting system helps light the way around the house. It automatically turns on when it detects people approaching. When motion ceases, the light turns itself off. During the day, the lights are automatically deactivated. The product works best as a safeguard for protection and pays for itself in security and energy savings. Heath/Zenith
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Smart dimmer fits standard faceplate

The Faedra Smart Dimmer packs the benefits of microprocessor control into a unit that fits a standard faceplate. Microprocessor technology allows multi-location dimming, user-preset light levels, variable fade times and convenient tap-on, tap-off operation. Lights can gradually fade on and off and can be dimmed from up to 10 locations. One tap on Faedra's button turns lights on to a pre-selected level, two taps raises lights to full-on intensity. Lutron Electronics
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Dry film lubricant features low friction

Dry Glide is a PTFE-based dry-film lubricant that features an ultra-low coefficient of friction to prevent sticking and wear. The lubricant penetrates and bonds a micro-thin film to most surfaces, including metal, wood, rubber and plastic. The spray-on product works best for machine parts, electrical switches and harnesses. CRC Industries Inc.
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Control downlight offers analog dimming

The Address Pro Wall Box allows users to control light fixtures with an on/off switch or with a slide control to increase or decrease light level. The Dim 10 Analog preset wall control provides four factory-programmed light levels, with a button designated for each and an on/off switch. The control also has a built-in infrared receiver that interfaces with an included handheld remote control. Ruud Lighting
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Adhesive is for static mixers

The Ribbon-Tip spreader is designed to apply a flat 1-in. and a 1-½ in. bead of adhesive. This new tip snaps on the end of a static mixer and is suitable for any application where a wide, flat ribbon of adhesive is preferable to the traditional bead shape. The manufacturer makes the complete line of Mixpac hand-held, cartridge dispensing systems and Statomix static mixers, which includes plastic disposable mixers, stainless steel and plastic/steel in-line mixers and luer lock fittings with needles for special applications. ConProTec
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Drill/driver kits feature three-speed transmission

The DeWalt 18V heavy-duty drill/driver kit features a three-speed all-metal transmission with exclusive Max 3rd speed to provide faster drilling and driving. The keyless ½-in. ratcheting chuck lock gives a tight bit grip and a high-torque motor delivers from 450 to 350-in.-lbs. Sears Industrial
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Glass wall packs have shock-resistant lenses

This HID lighting wall pack is for facades, security and other commercial applications. It features a die-cast aluminum housing and door frame with heat and shock-resistant borosilicate glass lenses and a durable paint finish. It meets UL 1571 for wet locations. Day-Brite Lighting
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System detects lightning from 40 miles

The SkyScan 4000 detects and displays lightning range data from 0 to 40 miles, which allows the tracking of a storm's position. It sounds a 120dBA alarm and flashes a strobe light when lightning is within 8 miles. Once the storm has safely passed, the unit sounds an all-clear signal. Lynscan Inc.
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