Mr. Electric, a Waco, Texas-based electrical service and repair franchise, has developed an interactive CD called “A Homeowner's Guide to the Power of Electricity.” The CD allows customers to view the range of Mr. Electric's services in streaming video and full-color format.

“The day of the doorhanger is over,” said Rick Cross, president of Mr. Electric. “For Mr. Electric to communicate its services, such as auto-remote security lighting and room-by-room interior design lighting options, a CD was the only answer.”

The CD allows customers and potential customers to view a variety of services on their personal computers at their own pace and in the comfort and privacy of their homes.

Additionally, Mr. Electric's CD includes a guide to home safety hazards, a section on electrical product trends and the Idea Showcase that features the General Electric “Virtual Lighting Designer.”

Cross said it may end up being the most popular feature of the CD.

“By inviting customers to choose from various lighting options in the sample rooms of the virtual designer, they can redesign the same room in many different ways,” he said. From table lamps to recessed lights, chandeliers to under cabinet fixtures, or wall sconces to floor lamps, the design features change with the click of a button.”

Mr. Electric produced more than 13,000 copies of the interactive CD and released it to preferred customers and target customers in August.