Training electrical contractor customers at its Mesa, Ariz., headquarters is nothing new for McCormick Systems. All through its 23-year history, the estimating software manufacturer has trained clients at it Mesa, Ariz., headquarters and on the road at contractors' locations for “custom” on-site training.

Now McCormick is offering a new option: East Coast training. Working with veteran trainer Erle Howard, the company now offers training in the Baltimore, Md., area.

“Our first few classes have filled up quickly,” said Todd McCormick, president of McCormick Systems. “We're lucky to have access to Erle and so are our customers.”

McCormick's focus is on making electrical estimators more productive. The manufacturer offers a “basic” class to bring new users up to speed quickly. The “advanced” class helps those with some experience to greatly improve their use of all system components. For more information on the training classes, call (800) 444-4890 or visit