One lazy Sunday morning all of the electricity in our new home went out. Since I am an electrical contractor I grabbed my multimeter and headed to the basement to check the breaker panel. As usual, my 2½-year-old son accompanied me to find the problem. I checked the breaker panel to find that the utility company was out. As I explained the problem to my son, he exclaimed, “Daddy we better call a plumber to fix it.”
Name not provided
Gray's Electric

We recently networked the computers in our small office and also hired a young woman to help with the paperwork. As I was hooking up my laptop, I asked her if she in a “multi-user mood.” As I tried correct it to “mode” she replied that she had never been asked that before.
Tom Noller
Noller Electric Inc.
Pleasanton, Neb.

Q: How do you keep an apprentice busy for hours?

A: Ask him to get you a 277V fluorescent tube.
Walter M. Leskiw
Senior Project Engineer
Select Energy Services Inc.

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