The ATOM, or Addressable Track Module System, allows individual dimming and switching of track luminaires on the same or multiple circuits. Suitable for commercial, retail and residential applications, the system works with incandescent lamps or switches fixtures with compact fluorescent or high-intensity discharge lamps. The module is installed between the track and track head and is activated with a laser or by remote control.

The modules are then programmed one by one, or in groups, using infrared control. The ATOM works with all the manufacturer's Lytespan track heads on Radius, Basic and Advent tracks. The product is said to offer more flexibility and control than a two-circuit track.

The system provides up to seven programmable scenes plus programmable time delays, fading effects and cycle effects by grouping fixtures on the same or separate circuits.

Best for dimming incandescent fixtures, the versatile lighting control system is best for spaces that employ track lighting. It is also available for the switching of non-dimming CFL and HID luminaries. The manufacturer offers a full range of downlights, decorative lighting, fiber-optic lighting and advanced dimming-control systems. Lightolier