VICTORIA, BC, Nov. 8, 2001 - Power Measurement, a leading provider of enterprise energy management systems, and Ampere Spa, the company's agent in Italy, have been selected by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) and the Italian Railways Group to provide digital power meters and energy management software for a power-monitoring project in Rome.

Under the terms of the agreement, Power Measurement and Ampere Spa have supplied a system consisting of ION(R) power and energy meters and ION Enterprise(TM) energy management software. The system is designed to provide full metering and energy management services for each of the 13 substations owned by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and the FS Italian Railways, and link consumption data to the national grid operator GRTN.

Angelo Projetti, project director for RFI, said the energy management solution is particularly well suited to Italy's newly deregulated energy market.

"RFI must monitor many exchange points across its vast network," Projetti said. "This requires advanced tools that can verify compliance, monitor trends and help to optimize the management of all assets. RFI selected this system because it provides not just metering data and energy management services, but also detailed SCADA information, event logs, transient data and other power quality data according to the European EN 50160 requirements."