The locknut on the duplex connector was missing when I looked into this fixture, which was selected for inspection amongst those installed as strip lighting in a hallway of a Weymouth, Mass., office building. The fixture was not properly grounded in accordance with Article 250.

Also, as a reminder, Section 300.15(J) doesn't require a box when a luminaire (fixture) is used as a raceway, as permitted in 410.31 and 410.32. Section 410.33 requires that the insulation temperature rating for branch circuit conductors that are installed within 3 in. of a ballast cannot be lower than 90∞C (194°F).

However, Table 310.13 allows moisture- and heat-resistant thermoplastic Type 14 AWG through 8 AWG THW wire rated at 75°C and (167°F) for special applications within electric discharge lighting equipment where limited to 1,000 open-circuit volts or less.

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