Siemens Corp. and Siemens AG, through its subsidiary, Efficient Networks Inc., announced general availability of the SpeedStream Home Networking Product Family that allows multiple computers in the home or small office to securely share broadband connections and other PC resources. The new home networking offerings are an extension of the SpeedStream Broadband DSL product line and include wired and wireless devices that can be installed by any consumer, without technical training.

"As the number of PCs in the home increases to meet growing entertainment, homework and business requirements of family members, so too does the need to provide networking products with secure, ready access to the broadband Internet," said Patrick Fitzgerald, director of product marketing for Efficient Networks' Client Access Group. "The SpeedStream Home Networking Product Family meets this need."

The SpeedStream Home Networking Product Family includes two-port, four-port and wireless DSL/cable routers that add vital firewall protection, IP sharing capabilities and routing features to existing broadband connections-with full support for popular protocols such as NetMeeting and VPN. The routers allow a broadband connection to be shared across multiple PCs in a home or small business (SOHO).

The new SpeedStream product family includes a five-port Ethernet hub that enables consumers to expand their networks as they install new PCs into their homes. A five-port Ethernet switch provides the same benefits and adds dedicated full duplex bandwidth to each port, and protection to the rest of the network by automatically detecting network failures and isolating troubled connections.

To link all of these devices to their desktop PCs or laptops, the SpeedStream Home Networking Product Family includes PCMCIA and PCI Ethernet adapters that support full 32-bit data transfer for maximum throughput, and feature auto-sensing and negotiation of speed and duplex mode for optimum 10/100 Ethernet compatibility. For situations when consumers want wireless network access, the SpeedStream product family also includes a wireless PCMCIA card adapter.

All SpeedStream Home Networking devices are designed for easy installation, with no technical experience required and are available immediately via direct sales, distributors and e-tailers. For information about retailers selling SpeedStream Home Networking products visit