The Home Automation and Networking Association, the Washington, D.C.-based trade association of the home control and networking industry, announced the winners for its second annual Wavelength contest.

"This second annual Wavelength contest has again shown that the home automation and networking industry continues to see exciting levels of innovation," said Tim Shriver, Chair, HANA Wavelength Committee. "These manufacturers are clearly committed to pushing the technological envelope to create products that advance and enhance their customers' living environments."

Coolest Product of the Show and Coolest Control/Automation Product or System RadioLink by Vantage "RadioLink is a new, full-featured, radio frequency (RF) control and automation technology developed for retrofit applications and new construction. Handling 3,600 loads with digital spread spectrum technology, RadioLink automates lighting, audio/video, draperies/blinds, security, heating/cooling and more." Coolest Networking Product/System Microscanner PRO by Microtest Inc. "Microscanner(TM) Pro is the essential all-in-one network tester that verifies twisted pair and coax cables. It measures length and distance to faults via TDR. It identifies active network 10/100 hubs and PCs." Coolest Entertainment Product/System Home Entertainment Connection Center by OnQ Technologies "The OnQ Home Entertainment Connection Center is an original design which allows the homeowner to consolidate the ever-growing number of telephone, data, video, and audio network points into one manageable unit."