Based on requests, the deadline for entry for the HANA Mark of Excellence Awards has been extended to JANUARY 15, 2001. If you did not get your entry in before the deadline, here's your second chance!

The HANA Mark of Excellence Awards recognize the best in home automation products, systems, services and installations. The Awards program is co-sponsored by CE Pro, Electronic House and SDM magazines, and will be presented at the Electronic House Spring 2002 Expo (March 6-9, 2001

Awards are available for both manufacturers/suppliers and dealer installers. The 2002 Awards categories are:

Supplier Categories:

2002 Product Categories

1) Home Networking/Residential Gateway- New Construction

2) Home Networking/Residential Gateway - Retrofit/"No New Wires"

3) Installation Tool

4) Enabling Technology

5) Home Control & Networking Software

6) "Whole-House" Automation Systems

7) "Sub-System" Automation Systems (i.e., security, lighting, HVAC, A/V, etc.)

2002 Customer Service Categories

1) Dealer/Installer Support Program (Marketing or Technical)

2) Builder/Developer/Consumer Support Program (Marketing)

Dealer Categories

2002 Installation Categories

For general single family residential installations, entries are divided into the following three categories based on total installation cost:

1) Classic Home System (Entry level)

2) Luxury Home System (mid-range)

3) Estate Home System (Unlimited)

Multifamily and special purpose installations can be entered in the following categories

4) Multifamily Dwelling/Student Housing

5) E-Community

6) Specialty Dwelling (Vacation, Disabled, Boat, Bus, etc.)

7) Best Show Home / Demonstration Home

2002 Operations Category

1) Dealer of the Year

This award is presented to the company that upholds the highest standards in our industry. The award is presented to the company that represents a well developed business plan, shows exceptional quality in their professional installation, and is an example of leadership within their community and their industry.

Ready to enter NOW to win one of these prestigious awards? Visit the HANA website ( for easy on-line entry, or use the forms in the attached PDF file.