The Profile Series perimeter raceway system combines high capacity and cabling flexibility with a sleek look. Its curved contour reduces visual impact and blends with surrounding decor.

The curved surfaces of raceway conceal an arrangement of two separate wire and cable compartments and a dedicated channel for electrical and data/communications devices. This system also offers a corner drop-feed option that allows vertical feeds without penetrating walls.

Two discrete channels segregate power and data/communications cabling. At activation points, wires and cables feed directly into a central device channel.

Because there are no devices in the wiring channels, installation is easier and there is no loss of cable fill capacity. Integral, hinged sub-covers facilitate lay-in and pull-through installation and provide fully independent access for moves, adds and changes.

Single- and double-gang device brackets accept the full line of modular Activate UTP and fiber-optic inserts. A 2-inch bend radius protects cables against damage during installation. Fittings snap over the raceway base for an aesthetic look with no corner bulges.

The raceway provides an unobtrusive alternative to back- or end-feeding of wires and cables. A unique corner drop feature allows cables to be dropped from ceilings without penetrating partitions. The corner location also provides for an inconspicuous feed. Designed to meet the aesthetic requirements of work spaces and classrooms, the raceway is available in standard ivory and white, and a "vast palette of custom colors."

How it works The Profile Series Raceway is designed for ease of installation. Integral, hinged sub-covers completely separate the wiring channels from the device channel. They snap open to facilitate lay-in and pull-through installation and to provide fully independent access to electrical wiring and data/communications cabling. Because devices and cables do not share the same channel, pull-through is smoother and cable fill remains consistent through the entire run. The PVC material cuts easily to provide access to the device channel.

The raceway comes in 8-foot lengths for fewer joints and one-person installation. Device brackets have a quick-mount feature that allows screws to be pushed into place without tools. Device brackets accept all Activate connectivity modules. These modules snap in place for additional ease of installation.

How it happened The Profile raceway was designed at Wiremold's home office in West Hartford, Conn., and tested in the field prior to its launch. Wiremold also produces the Access 5000, which conceals wires and cables behind a baseboard that can be fitted with real-wood veneer. The company came to the conclusion that capacity has become as major an issue as aesthetics and flexibility.

"Architects liked the look of the Access 5000 but could not use it in applications that called for high capacity," said Bill Desrosiers, Wiremold's product business manager for perimeter raceway systems. "In response, we included a number of features that makes installation faster and easier, where greater cable capacity was required."

In developing Profile, Wiremold spent a lot of time with installers. Desrosiers said it took two years of research, including focus groups and one-on-one discussions with members of the design community, specifying engineers and installers to develop the raceway. "We even involved them in trial installations during our product development," he said.

"In order to achieve higher capacity, you obviously have to meet certain cable-fill requirements, and that involves providing a certain amount of space for the cables to occupy. But the curved surface of the raceway minimizes the visual effect. In addition, we have designed a fitting that enables the drop to be located in the least conspicuous manner - in the corner. The fitting mirrors the curved shape of the raceway and has a full interior divider, so it accommodates power and datacom cabling. This is a feature that many specifiers said was most important to them." The Wiremold Co.