This Electric Show 2002 features more seminars than any in its 15-year history. The national show, scheduled for June 17-19 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, N.Y., will have more than 40 workshops and conference sessions, many of which will offer Continuing Educational Units.

The Electric Show's Conference Program will showcase top electrical-industry names who are holding seminars on hot topics — especially the 2002 NEC Code changes.

Here are some of the highlights of the conference program:

  • Tony Mann, president of E-J Electric Installation Co., will offer an inside look at the effect of the 9-11 events on New York's electrical community. E-J Electric's World Trade Center office was destroyed on 9-11. The company is now working with customers in that area whose offices were destroyed by the World Trade Center attacks. The company's blue-chip customer list reads like a Who's Who of the Big Apple, and includes Rockefeller Center, the United Nations, World Financial Center, AT&T, JFK Airport, Columbia University and Long Island Railroad.

  • Ted James, Professor, Engineering & Technology Div., Pasadena College
    “How to Use Today's Test & Measuring Instruments” will be an enlightening program that provides an understanding and application of selected test and measuring instruments for electrical systems. The course features extensive hands-on demonstration and interactive discussions from the basics to the state-of-the-art test equipment.

  • Mike Holt, President, Mike Holt Enterprises and CEE News Contributing Editor, will talk about the nearly 5,000 changes in the Code that were proposed for the NEC and select more 150 of them that are critical for the success electrical professionals. The seminar is intended to help clear up confusing and seemingly conflicting or controversial NEC rules. It also offers tips on proper electrical installations, advice or cautions to possible conflicts or confusing Code rules, and warnings of dangers related to improper electrical installations will be provided.

  • Nancy Clanton, President, Clanton & Associates, will discuss outdoor lighting that is environmentally friendly. The seminar will explore how to design outdoor security lighting that emphasizes uniform lighting without the glare, learn how to avoid light trespass and minimize light pollution and learn how to approach lighting design that emphasizes uniformity with minimal glare.

  • Paul Rosenberg, Contributing Editor, CEE News magazine, will offer “Instant Fiber Optics: 90 Minutes to Proficiency.” Fiber optics is actually a fairly simple technology — easier than electricity — as this informative session will make clear. Offering a step-by-step explanation of fiber optics in common electrician-speak, the instructor will show you how, when described in plain language, fiber-optic technology loses its mystery and becomes a basic skill you can add to your installation repertoire. You will learn what fiber optics is, how it works — and how you can make money installing it.

  • Paul Rosenberg will also offer “Guerilla Marketing For Electrical Contractors.” A study a few years ago showed that electrical contractors spent only a fraction of one percent of their money on marketing. That is a mistake. But very few electrical contractors have any idea how to market their services beyond producing a low bid. As the electrical industry changes, methods of selling and marketing electrical services change also. This session will teach you how to get your message across to customers as effectively as possible.

  • Paul Gregory, Principle Designer, Focus Lighting, Inc. will share his Common Vision approach to architectural lighting design. Gregory will provide different case studies including the concepts, budgets, details and documentation for the Toys R Us flagship store in Times Square: A 100,000- sq-ft retail space with a 60-ft Ferris wheel. He will also discuss restaurant projects in detail, including budgets, fixture choices and plans for New York Restaurants Le Cirque and Town Restaurant.

  • CEE News Contributing Editor Joe Tedesco will be on hand to explain Code Violations. Joe will cover the subject of electrical inspection of premises wiring systems, presented in a clear, understandable manner. Using computer-based graphics, the multimedia presentation greatly enhances the comprehension of the material. You will learn about inspection procedures and requirements as they relate to the National Electrical Code. A review of electrical requirements found in product standards will also be covered, as well as inspection procedures for industrial, commercial and residential systems. Rules to minimize the risk of electricity as a source of electric shock and as an ignition source of fires and explosions will also be discussed.

  • James Benya, Principle, Benya Lighting Designs will divulge lighting secrets in “Lighting for the High-end Home.” In this seminar, you will learn the basic concepts, techniques and tricks of the trade. This course is designed to help electrical contractors provide better designs — and earn better profits — by correctly designing and implementing sophisticated lighting for traditional, transitional and contemporary residences. Topics will include recessed standard and low-voltage lighting, specialty low-voltage lighting, fiber optics and many others. This seminar will discuss both interior and exterior lighting. Special consideration for state-of-the-art control systems will be included. Benya will also offer “Lighting Design Using State-of-the-Art Software.”