Lighting control system saves energy

The Centura programmable fluorescent lighting control system is best for increasing visual comfort, productivity and energy savings in any size commercial installation. Using daylight harvesting, it employs one or more strategically placed photocells to monitor ambient light. It maintains the programmed light level reducing energy consumption. Leviton Mfg.
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Stud seeker includes built-in scribe

The Audible Stud Seeker is a compact and multi-tool device that includes a built-in scribe and bubble level. The circuitry accurately detects wood and metal studs and joists through drywall, plywood, paneling and flooring up to ¾-in. thick. The tool emits audible chirps while bright LEDs illuminate to indicate both edges of a stud. Gardner Bender
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Terminal block system offers 50% space savings

The TOP System terminal block system is designed to save space for compact wiring requirements. The system puts wire entry at a 90-deg orientation with the mounting rail, resulting in a 50% space savings compared with typical screw-clamp terminal blocks. Top wire-entry results in orderly wire layout for easy circuit identification, testing and calibration. Wieland
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Fiber-optic kits contain LED sources

The DT500 series dual-source fiber-optic test kits offer the capability of testing both multimode and singlemode fibers at the most common wavelengths. The kits contain LED sources for multimode fiber and laser sources for singlemode fiber, along with appropriate fiber-optic power meters. Special versions are available for new high-speed networks such as Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel. Fotec
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Grade drilling system does horizontal best

This Ditch Witch grade-drilling system gives horizontal-directional drilling equipment the direction and grade control needed to install pipe for gravity-flow sewer systems and other applications where grade-control is necessary. The system includes a Subsite 86BG grade beacon, transition sub and a selection of specially designed grade bits. The Charles Machines Works
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Switches suit a range of power applications

Designed for 600V class applications, these single-operator and dual-operator automatic transfer switches are available in two-, three-or four-pole configurations for emergency/standby power systems. These switches are labeled for use with any circuit breaker with instantaneous trip. UL-listed through 4,000A and SCADA capable, they offer front-accessible wiring and rapid arc quenching. The Model RMT single-operator switch and the Model RMTD dual-operator switch are both designed for open-transition switching. Both models have positive mechanical interlocking and provide high-speed, quick-break, quick-make preloaded transfer by means of a simple electrical operator. Russelectric
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