Power server meets the needs of large facilities

The PowerLogic power server is for large commercial customers who want simple local monitoring or have limited facility engineer resources. It combines an industrially-rated computer, power monitoring software, an Ethernet gateway and a Web server. The self-contained facility information server can provide local monitoring as a stand-alone system, as gateway connectivity for a corporate-wide system, or it can transfer data as a component in an online system. Square D
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Ultra-compact UPS boasts one hour of backup power

These UPSs offer affordable backup power for workstations and servers in packages said to be 50% smaller and lighter than comparable systems. Using a breakthrough in high-frequency switching technology, the Ellipse Premium units are designed to provide users with a combination of performance, reliability and size. Available in power ratings from 500VA to 1,200VA, the desktop and rackmount units maximize the power availability of workstations and small servers. Microprocessor controlled charging extends battery life up to 50%, while smart battery management assures advanced warning when batteries eventually need replacement. They are easy to use and are fully Plug-and-Play compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT. MGE
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Cat. 6 110 block kits comply with standards connectivity

The Clarity Cat. 6 110 Block Kits are said to be the first completely standards compliant connectivity system. The blocks exceed TIA Cat. 6 (draft 10) component compliance within the footprint of standard 100-pair and 300-pair blocks, and are designed specifically for high-density termination of TIA-recommended four-pair horizontal cable. They will accommodate 24 cables in the 100-pair footprint and 72 cables in the 300-pair footprint. Ortronics
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Ergonomic load center cuts installation time by 25%

This UL-listed ergonomic load center is said to cut installation time by 25% while eliminating 50% of repetitive-motion work and greatly reducing the risk of repeated-trauma injuries. Ready-to-wire Insta-Wire circuit breaker screws eliminate the need to back out screws before inserting wire. Neutrals and grounds provide quick and easy neutral conductor installation, and visible neutrals make insertion of neutral conductors easier. The load centers are main convertible from main lug to main breaker. Factory-installed visible ground bars are used on main lug devices. Siemens Energy & Automation Inc.
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Reel and spool machinery now saves more space

A space-saving accessory item has been added to the company's standard product line of reeling and spooling machinery. These reel-stacking units eliminate the clutter and inefficient use of floor space when reels are not stacked, and also prevent the need to flip reels from one position to another when stacking reels on their side. They allow multiple reels of the same size to be transported and stacked for storage to maximize floor space. Two standard sizes are available to handle reels in two or three separate compartments and are provided with forklift slots for easy access and rounded flange supports to prevent any damage to reels. Reel-O-Matic
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Instruments feature removable sensor for workplace analysis

The Models CA811 and CA813 are portable, easy-to-use instruments that feature an optical, removable sensor that is designed to match the response of the human eye, making them suitable for workspace analysis and planning. The accurate, economical and fast-responding instruments measure illumination on four ranges in either footcandles or lux, from 0.1 to 20kfc/klux. The Model CA813 offers a higher sensitivity fifth range to 200klux and has a better spectral response to common light sources. Features also include a 3½-digit backlit LCD display as well as peak, hold and max functions. The meters include a protective, safety yellow holster. AEMC
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