Bimetal sawblade outlasts carbon steel ten-fold

The 3861 Sandflex NF bimetal bandsaw blade upgrades carbon steel blade users to bimetal performance for greater bandsaw productivity and less downtime. The bimetal bandsaw blade is said to last eight to 10 times as long as common milled carbon steel blades for just 40% higher cost. Designed for job shops and tool rooms, bimetal blades withstand cutting heat that destroys the temper of carbon steel blades, but they're said to typically cost three to four times as much. Bahco North America
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Permanent link interface adapter improves repeatability

The new Universal Permanent Link Interface adapter (OMNI-LIA101S) for the OMNIScanner series is designed to deliver repeatable, accurate test results in full compliance with the latest industry standards for field testing of twisted-pair cabling installations. Using the same proprietary test adapter cable design as the DSP-4000 CableAnalyzer Series, the OMNI-LIA101S exceeds Level III accuracy, providing the same repeatable test results delivered by the DSP-LIA101S. Fluke
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Mechanical fasteners offer greater strength

This easy-to-use fastening device is said to be stronger than cable ties or traditional hook-and-loop fasteners, yet is gentle on sensitive fiber and copper cables. The fasteners don't kink, pinch or distort cables, and are said to support greater suspended cable weight than plastic cable ties or comparable-sized traditional hook-and-loop fasteners.The flexible fasteners adapt to most configurations and have a low profile with no sharp edges. These fasteners can also be reused many times. 3M
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Expanded fill sealing fittings allow seamless conduit runs

The EYAX line of expanded fill sealing fittings is said to provide 40% conductor fill capacity. Because of a greater wire capacity, the sealing fittings are best for contractors who want to make fewer connections while assuring greater reliability at a lower installed cost. The fittings also eliminate the need for costly oversized fittings and reducing bushings. A key feature is the enlarged access opening that facilitates faster, easier and more accurate wire separation. O-Z/Gedney
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Modular patch panels are component-rated for Cat. 6

The eXtreme 6 Universal Modular patch panels feature both T568A and T568B wiring configurations, a white IDC 110-punchdown module, mounting standoffs for cable-management bars, color-coded front and rear window labeling for easy port identification (TIA-606 compliant) and an optional termination standoff for quick data grounding. The patch panels provide Cat. 6 component-rated performance. Leviton Voice and Data
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Infrared thermometer performs quick and easy measurements

The Fluke 61 infrared thermometer is designed to meet the needs of electrical-process, plant maintenance, facility maintenance, HVAC/R and automotive professionals. The infrared instrument features a laser beam for easy aiming and is best for measuring rotating, electrically live, dangerously hot or hard-to-reach objects. For preventive maintenance, the product takes temperature readings in less than one second. Fluke
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