Tools cut narrow and straight trenches

Developed for cutting narrow straight trenches in a variety of soil types, the Trencher Work Tools for skid-steer loaders or compact wheel loaders are designed for laying electrical, telephone and cable lines. The trenchers operate with the skid steer loader traveling in reverse with the boom angled down between 45 and 65 deg from the horizontal position. Engineered to provide the right balance of chain speed, torque and chain pull for maximum productivity in a broad range of soil types, two models of Cat Trenchers are available. Both feature a direct-drive system with a variable-speed, bi-directional, gerotor-style hydraulic motor. The motors mount directly to the trencher frame and couple to a hub shaft, which drives the sprocket and auger. Hydraulic or manual side shift options are available. The model T9 trencher operates to a maximum depth of 48 in. and width of 10 in. and the model T15 trencher operates to a maximum depth of 60 in. and width of 12 in. Caterpillar Inc.

Lighting streamers are reusable

The Budget-Miser (BM-755) lighting streamers suit a range of worksites including construction sites, tunnels, bridges and shipyards. The reusable streamers provide safe, overhead temporary lighting. Sockets, which are spaced at 10-ft intervals with a 5-ft lead and tail, are ruggedly constructed and integrally molded in Hypalon rubber to a heavy-duty SOW-A cable. A rubber “O” ring forms a watertight seal around the neck of each bulb, eliminating problems associated with oil, dirt and moisture. The Budget Miser system comes ready to hang and is customizable to any length. Each socket is equipped with a mounting hole for quick and convenient installation. The streamers feature factory-installed NEMA male and female plugs, and can operate with either incandescent or fluorescent-based lamps up to a maximum of 100W. Duraline

Tool provide fast terminations

The EZ-RJ45 connectors and EZ-RJ45 crimp tool offer quick, cost effective UTP wire terminations. The connectors feature openings that allow wires to be inserted, extended out of the front of the connector and terminated, with the help of the craft- friendly crimp tool. Leviton
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Tap or splice connector handles 600 kcmil cable

The EZ600 connector, which is specifically designed for 600kcmil cable, provides a compact, economical solution to tap or splice this popular wire size. The product eliminates the need to use a larger 750kcmil split bolt for 600kcmil cable. It handles a range of wire sizes from 600kcmil to #2/0AWG and installs quickly and simply with a single wrench. Greaves

Circuit mapper checks breakers and feeders

The CMT24S circuit mapper system makes it possible for one person to identify which circuit breakers or fuses are feeding specific branch circuits. The mapper is said to test up to 96 branches concurrently, saving time and money over more traditional testers. The transmitter clamp leads send 24 separate digital signals, per transmitter, to live or dead lines with equipment still connected. The receiver digitally indicates the appropriate circuit number when the probe makes contact with an outlet, switch or any other electrical connection. Tasco Inc.

AFCI device protects against home fires

The Fire-Guard arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) can protect against arc faults, a major cause of residential fires. An AFCI has the ability to detect many types of arc-faults in home wiring and turn the power off to the electrical circuit, reducing the potential for a fire to occur. This AFCI combines arc fault technology with conventional circuit breaker protection against short circuits and overloads. Cutler-Hammer