Fire-retardant tape suits maintenance and wire harness applications

For wire harness and electrical maintenance applications that require fire retardancy, Scapa 165 is a black cotton cloth tape single-coated with a natural rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. The tape bonds to most surfaces and is highly abrasion resistant. Designed for heat-generating appliances, the tape works best as a fire-retardant primary wrap for wire harnesses. Scapa North America
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Hole saw has variable pitch tooth pattern

This bimetal hole saw includes a ¾ variable pitch tooth pattern said to cut 20% faster, improving contractor productivity. This ¾ variable pitch also provides a fast, clean cut that does not sacrifice the quality of the materials being cut, whether metal, wood or composite. The bimetal hole-saw teeth are designed with M42 tool steel reducing premature saw replacement. Greenlee Textron
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Multipole connector ensures greater conductivity

The SB 175 multipole connector is said to ensure greater conductivity and longer life. The connector features spring-loaded, silver-plated contacts that create a self-wiping action during mating and unmating. This design resists arcing by keeping the conductive surfaces clean and free of corrosion. The product is available in a standard array of colors that follow the industry-wide color code for voltage identification. Anderson Power Products
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Cable fasteners tie quickly

These Velcro Qwik Ties, part of the One Wrap family of fasteners, are designed for commercial bundling and cable management applications. This self-engaging fastener attaches to itself by using hook-and-loop technology to create a restraining device that fastens without twisting, tying or adhering. The ties are easy to apply and will not over-cinch cables. Velcro USA Inc.
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Switchboard-case retrofit option reduces installation costs and simplifies upgrades

This switchboard-case retrofit option, designed for the manufacturer's ION 7300, ION 7330 and ION 7350 power meters, allows the meters to come pre-wired within a sturdy metal frame, complete with a control panel and LCD display mounted in its removable front cover. Installation is then a matter of plugging the device into an existing GE S-1 or ABB FT-21 switchboard case. Best for replacing older metering devices, this option makes it quick and easy to install or remove a meter. A quick-disconnect system allows the user to remove or “draw out” the meter electronics in one easy action, without having to manually disconnect any wiring. Power Measurement
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Handheld oscilloscope now comes in full-color on larger screens

Two full-color instruments have been added to the ScopeMeter 190 Series handheld oscilloscope product line. The 196C and 199C scopes provide full-color display capabilities on larger screens, faster display update rates and additional capabilities. The color and display speed of the scopes make identification of individual waveforms significantly easier, allowing the user to visually distinguish individual traces if waveforms are displayed on top of or close to one another. The bright color display of the 196C and 199C, higher screen resolution (now 320 × 240 pixels) and a deeper memory (1,200 instead of 1,000 samples in scope mode, or 27,500 samples in ScopeRecord mode) further enhance the detail reproduced on screen. Fluke Corp.
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