Mated multi-pin waterproof connectors withstand immersion

These multi-pin waterproof connector systems feature a reverse taper-seal design that isolates each contact and creates a watertight seal, allowing mated connectors to be submersed in up to 3 feet of water. Heavy-duty contacts ensure reliable connections. For increased safety, the ground contact is designed to mate first and break last. Duraline
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Insulated pliers protect electricians' hands

These insulated electrician's pliers are said to withstand 10 times the standard 1,000 AC and 1,500 DC rating for ultimate protection. Extra-large finger stops guard against accidental contact with exposed metal tool parts, and the injection-molded grips provide uniform insulation thickness and dielectric integrity. Ideal Industries Inc.
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Transfer switch offers ease of operation

The AST3225 AutoStart Transfer (AST) system, comprised of an automatic transfer switch and engine controller, offers a dependable and economic means to transfer loads between utility-supplied power and auxiliary power systems, such as engine generators. It features ease of installation, a NEMA 3R enclosure and a microprocessor-based engine controller for automatic starting, stopping and protection of generators. Gen Systems Inc.
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Cable management rack is flexible

The Mighty Mo 3 cable management rack is designed for high performance copper networks. The system allows end-users to fully integrate their racking system into their cabling infrastructure at the cross-connect, as well as offering the flexibility and expansion needed for future moves, adds and changes. The rack offers three styles of vertical patch cord management: interbay with latches, traditional cable management rings and fingerduct with covers, as well as rear channel construction that protects and conceals the horizontal cabling. Ortronics Inc.
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Vandal-proof exit sign is as tough as nails

The Model 2040-70/77 vandal-proof exit sign features a heavy-duty angled cast aluminum frame that deflects impact and is nearly impossible to grip. The sign has no sharp corners or edges and a -inch impact-resistant polycarbonate face. Isolite Inc.
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Receptacle offers dead front interlocked construction

The J2BR switched receptacle now comes with a patented Sure-Lock dead front mechanism to keep the switch from being turned on unless a plug is fully inserted. The receptacle comes in 30A and 60A, 600V configurations. Keyhole mounting feet make installation easy, as does a pre-wired terminal block attached to the receptacle. Appleton
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