EMT connectors and couplings are easy to install

The ETP line of steel connectors and couplings come in four styles, in trade sizes that range from ½-in. to 4-in. The easy-to-install fittings are UL/CSA listed and feature heavy steel walls with protective zinc plating, along with pre-staked, preset screws and NPS male hub threads. The connectors are concrete-tight when taped. Appleton
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Lighting design software is designed for contractors

The AGI-Light lighting design and rendering software is a simplified version of the AG132 lighting software, which is designed specifically for occasional use by contractors, electrical distributors and designers. The software produces fast color rendering, allowing the creation of simple lighting designs. Lighting Analysts
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Batteries meet the needs of higher-power applications

The Genesis NP line of valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries has been expanded up to 100Ah to meet the needs of high-power applications. The batteries are best for any general-purpose application that requires DC backup, such as telecom, UPS or switchgear. The batteries feature minimal gas evolution during charging and recharging. Enersys
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Voltage disturbance recorder monitors any receptacle

The PowerWatch voltage disturbance recorder is capable of monitoring and recording essential voltage disturbance information from any 120V North American power receptacle. The recorder detects surges, sags, spikes, frequency variations and outages to alleviate downtime. Eaton Cutler-Hammer
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Lockout wallplate features one-piece design

This industrial-grade switch wallplate is designed to lockout switched loads in either the On or Off positions. The wallplate features an exclusive one-piece design with a riveted lockout bracket that eliminates the need to attach a separate bracket during installation. The riveted bracket allows up to 5/16- in. diameter padlocks to be used for lockout capability with either standard toggle switches or motor-starting switches. The lockout complies with OSHA's lockout/tagout regulations and provides a simple, easy-to-install solution. Leviton Manufacturing
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Quad outlet box protects sites from ground faults

This GFCI-protected quad outlet box is rated 125V/15A with UL and Canadian UL approvals. The box provides GFCI protection on construction sites. All four of the 15A receptacles are protected from ground faults; each outlet has a separate cover to protect against moisture, direct sunlight and other elements. A red LED light on the GFCI plug and a lighted On/Off rocker switch on the quad box provide visual indication. Tower Manufacturing
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