Duct entry seals provide pipe-sealing solution

The Simplex Duct Entry Seals provide a simple and effective solution to the problem of sealing around pipes in a variety of environments. These duct entry seals feature fewer parts and multi-diameter technology for sealing pipe, conduit or ducts through building foundations, concrete walls or polymer boxes. Tyco Electronics/Jackmoon
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Hand-held cutter is powerful and portable

The MR30A hand-held, air-operated cutting tool uses 617 lb of force to cut copper, steel and piano wire. Using interchangeable blades the product will produce diagonal, clipper-type or end-type cuts. Diagonal carbide blades are also available. Best for repetitive tasks, the unit's long reach allows for use in confined areas. Eraser
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Connector assures fast installation without tools

The Speedsnap connector is designed for quick and easy installation without the need for tools. Designed with a low-profile body, the MC/AC/FMC connector can be installed in tight spaces, reducing the chance for possible interference with box devices. The product also has a large throat that allows up to four-wire MC/AC installation. Bridgeport Fittings
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Transformer coolant is edible, harmless and recyclable

The Envirotemp FR3 is a patented edible-seed-oil based dielectric coolant for distribution transformers. The fluid delivers a combination of fire and environmental safety and product-insulation life-extension capabilities. The fluid surpassed the NEC's less-flammable and flash point minimum standards. The food-grade seed oil is specifically formulated to minimize health and environmental risks. Tests on young trout were said to have resulted in zero mortality. Cooper Power Systems
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Clamp meter enables simple, fast readings of ground resistance without auxiliary rods

The 780 Series Ground Resistance Clamp Meter allows electricians to measure ground-rod resistance without the hassle of auxiliary rods. Designed for conducting quick field surveys, the clamp meter features jaws that clamp directly around a ground rod for direct reading of ground resistance from 0.01 Ohms to 1,500 Ohms, as well as the direct measurement of ground leakage current up to 15A. The simple operation requires no leads, auxiliary rods, spacing provisions or disconnecting of the ground rod. Ideal Industries
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Circuit breakers now come with a 15-year warranty

The CL line of 1-in. replacement circuit breakers for residential applications are available in one- and two-pole configurations and are classified by Underwriters Laboratories for use in place of breakers listed on the panelboard. The breakers are designed and tested to be mechanically and electrically interchangeable with 1-in. circuit breakers from various manufacturers.
Eaton Corp.
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