Screwless wall plates offer flawless finish

These screwless wall plates eliminate the need for screws and, with their beveled edges, are said to provide a flawless finish. The wall plates are available in white, ivory and light almond; and in decorator one-, two-, three- and four-gang plates. They are designed for quick snap-on installation. The backplate, which is held in place by the device, ensures proper alignment, including multi-gang. Pass and Seymour/Legrand
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Finger-safe fuseholder installs without tools

The Optima OPM-NG modular fuseholder incorporates IP-20 finger-safe fusible features that meet global standards for minimizing contact with current-carrying parts. The integral DIN-rail spring allows for easy installation of the unit, with no tools required. When the fuseholder is used in motor- starter applications, wiring time in group installations is reduced up to 80%. The compact 45mm design matches the fuseholder with 32A IEC motor circuits. The low-profile handle is part of an integral fuse carrier that acts as a built-in fuse puller, eliminating the need for an extra tool to remove the fuses. In addition, the carriage can't be removed from the holder, preventing loss of components. Cooper Bussmann
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Heavy-duty cutting pliers cut screws, nails and hardened wire

The Klein 2000 Series line of cutting pliers includes both side-cutting pliers and diagonal-cutting pliers. The tools are designed for heavy-duty use in cutting ACSR, screws, nails and most hardened wire. The series features ultra-durable, induction-hardened cutting knives that have been specially designed and heat-treated. They are built to cut a variety of tough materials without damaging the blades. Other Klein features include custom-made U.S. tool steel; a hot-riveted joint to ensure smooth action with no handle wobble; and a combination polished and black oxide finish. Klein Tools
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Factory-sealed lighting panelboard installs easily

The Exactra Series factory-sealed lighting panelboards are designed for hazardous-area lighting-load distribution applications. These panelboards can be used in indoor and outdoor areas made harmful by the presence of flammable gases and vapors and combustible dusts. The panelboards are equipped with standard off-the-shelf breakers for quick and easy installation and maintenance and can be used for branch-power distribution and circuit protection. They are offered in either a LP1 or LP2 model for Class I, Division 1 or Division 2 hazardous locations respectively, and with up to six GFI and/or EPD branch breaker spaces within the same panel. Cooper Crouse-Hinds
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Hand-operated wire stripper recycles old wire

The AW 1500 hand-operated wire stripper removes the covering from old wire so it can be recycled as scrap. The tool features a wire capacity of 14 gauge and up to 1½-in., bench or vice mounting, a 4-in. hand wheel, fine thread adjustment, brass-input bushings, all-steel lock nuts, quick adjustment and self-guiding and adjustable slots that double as lubrication for the cutter. Jeffrey Adkins, Santa Ynez, Calif.
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