GFCI wall receptacles are side-and back-wiring compatible

These hard-wired GFCI wall receptacles are rated at 125V, 15A at the receptacle and 20A feed-through. The units are UL listed and comply with UL943 (GFCI) and UL 498 (receptacle). Available in white and ivory, with test and reset buttons, they are side- and back-wiring compatible. Tower Mfg.
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Flat cord set reaches under convention center carpets

ExpoCord is designed for undercarpet use at convention centers. This flat cordset, UL listed for the new trade show equipment category, reduces installation time by eliminating the need for channeling the carpet padding required at conventions. American Insulated Wire Corp.
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Color-coded cable connectors identify cable colors fast

This color-coded HCF and fire-alarm connector identifies cable color and type without the need to open walls. Color-coded cable is hidden in finished walls. Cables can be quickly identified from inside the box, making maintenance and inspection simple. Bridgeport Fittings Inc.
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Electricians' fish tape bends through difficult conduit runs

The Zoom fish tape's design features a braided stainless steel core and ultra-hard polyamide resin jacket. Optimized for use in conduit runs with difficult cable placement characteristics such as multiple bends, elbows and junction boxes, the fish tape has the capability to deliver true omni-directional pushing performance, so it can handle multiple bends and changes in plane without hanging up or deforming within the conduit. The fish tapes are being offered in 50-ft and 100-ft lengths. Ideal Industries
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Package combines two types of switchgear

The System VI switchgear combines the innovations of Vista UDS with the versatility of S&C metal-enclosed switchgear, in a space-saving, multi-section package. It presents an option for applications through 34.5 kV requiring 16-kA symmetrical short-circuit duty. Vista gear includes 600A load-interrupter switches and fault interrupters, sealed in an SF6-insulated, elbow-connected tank. Using air-insulated bushings on one or both sides of the tank, multiple Vista units can be joined together or to metal-enclosed switchgear modules such as air-insulated metering bays. S&C Switchgear
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