Temperature controller series deliver precise control The Super2 and Super3 Green Series Controllers deliver precise control in the face of challenging control dynamics. With Super3 the controller automatically accommodates set point changes and delivers precise control with no need to re-tune or set up PID zones. This feature is said to make controller set-up faster and simpler and deliver more precise control during operation. Yokagawa

Hydrostatic utility trencher answers contractors midsize trenching needs Designed for electrical and other utility installations, the RT700/850 TerraFire fully hydrostatic utility trencher delivers mid-size trenching needs. The product features a 70 hp (52kW) or 85 hp (63 kW) John Deere engine, an operator console that rotates 90-deg, standard rear-steering axles and tilt steering wheel. The standard rear-steering axles include coordinated steering. Vermeer Mfg. Co.

Time delay and fuses save time and money The Amp-trap 2000 Class J Time Delay and RK-1 fuses now offer a SmartSpot indication feature. Engineered to minimize the downtime of troubleshooting open fuses and mitigate the hazards of working with electrical panels, the patented feature allows electrical professionals a safe way to locate and replace open fuses. Ferraz Shawmut Inc.

Flywheel UPS product line now extends to 900kVA The Cat line of UPS products has been expanded to include 300kVA, 600kVA and 900kVA models. These products join the original 250kVA Cat UPS, which was introduced in July 2000. Each model is a flywheel-based UPS system that protects critical electrical loads from power disturbances and provides an uninterrupted transition to a standby generator set. The Cat UPS systems also is said to offer the smallest footprint in the industry. Caterpillar Inc.

Enclosure can withstand earthquakes The Magnitude VII seismic enclosure system has received the Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) Zone 4 Certificate of Compliance, which means it can withstand a 7.1 Richter-scale earthquake. The Certificate of Compliance also qualifies the Mag VII to handle a load distribution of 700 pounds during a severe earthquake. The enclosures can be custom built in various sizes and colors to meet customers' needs. Encore Enclosure Systems Inc.