Non-metallic emergency lighting system usable in corrosive areas

The N2LS Series non-metallic emergency lighting system is designed for highly corrosive and hazardous locations. NEMA 3R (raintight) rated, it offers the versatility of remote or direct mounted fixtures. Appleton, EGS Electrical Group
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Fiber-optic system offers a future-proof solution

The FiberSmart fiber-optic product line suits a variety of applications, including fiber to the desktop, throughout a building, outside or for an entire campus. Standard wall- and rack-mount enclosures can be field-configured. Pass & Seymour/Legrand
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Towelette cleans delicate fiber-optic cables

Type FO is a pre-saturated towelette for cleaning delicate fiber-optic cables during splicing to maximize light transmission performance.The towelette removes dust, oils and contaminants, while leaving no residue. American Polywater Corp.
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Multifunction meter is designed for testing three-phase motors

The Model 61-521 Phase and Motor Rotation Meter is designed for testing motors and motor starters ranging up to 600V. The meter provides three troubleshooting functions in a single unit — indicating three-phase sequence and motor rotation and checking for open phases. Identifying correct phase sequence and motor rotation is critical to ensuring fast, simple and trouble-free service of three-phase motors. It also prevents damage to costly motor components due to improper wiring. Color-coded wired leads with alligator clips make the instrument easy to use. Ideal Industries Inc.
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Web-enabled power meters extend reach across factory floor

The manufacturer has added the Modbus master communications capability to its Web-enabled ION 7500 and ION 7600 energy and power- quality meters. The feature extends the reach of the meters' monitoring and control capabilities across a factory floor, within a utility substation or throughout a commercial facility by integrating a network of Modbus-compatible devices. The meter reads physical parameters from a variety of Modbus slave devices such as breakers, HVAC sensors or other utility meters. Power Measurement
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