Voltage logger captures short-term events

The Model L215 dSimple Logger ata logger captures such short-term events as sags, swells and dropouts. The logger samples the input 10 times per second and only stores the data when an alarm threshold is crossed, thus maximizing use of memory. The 65,000-point storage capacity provides enough memory to store more than 1,000 events. A Windows-based software package is included. AEMC Instruments
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Tool speeds datacom wire stripping

The Roto-Spin tool simplifies and speeds stripping of round communication cables including fiber-optic, Cat. 5 and datacom. Suitable for stripping electric cable as well, the lightweight hand tool features a swiveling blade to ring and straight cut cable jackets from 0.16 in. to 60 in. diameter in one easy operation. An innovative rotating cam is used to precisely set blade penetration. An adjustable stop with scales in inches and millimeters allows cables to be stripped to the same length every time. A clamping “V” with two positions accepts large and small diameter cables. Cutting blades are easily replaced with blade storage provided in the cable stop. Once the tool is adjusted, the cable is inserted to the stop; the tool is then rotated and pulled. The jacket can be easily peeled off. The blade rotates on itself thanks to a friction-free precision ball bearing. Seatek
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Junction box covers protect wires and splices during construction

These blank junction box covers protect wires in 4-in. square and round junction boxes. These covers may be used for temporary protection on junction boxes during renovation and new construction. The junction box covers are made from impact resistant PVC material, which protects wires and splices from damage. The keyed slots guide the cover to the correct position for quick installation and allow easy access for future work. The covers are UL and cUL listed. Pass & Seymour/Legrand
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HID metal-halide ballasts provide dual-wattage lamp operation

The e-Vision family of electronic ballasts operate low-wattage metal-halide (MH) high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. The Initial e-Vision offering includes two ballast models that cover operation of 35W, 50W, 70W and 100W metal-halide lamps. The ballast features dual-wattage lamp operation and Illellivolt, which allows the ballast to operate with any nominal input voltage from 120V to 277V, 50Hz or 60Hz, helping fixture manufacturers cover voltage applications with far fewer stock-keeping units (SKUs). Advance Transformer Co.
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Installation piece eases datacom termination

The Punch Buddy, an installation accessory for TracJack modules, is a small, molded plastic work base that can fit in the palm of a hand and hold the individual jack during termination. It was designed to support ease of use for the TracJack and complement quality practices during termination. Designed so it can be laid on a surface, in a hand or along a flat edge, the product will stabilize the jack termination at patch panels, workstations or confined areas where you may need to install both regular and angled jacks. Ortronics
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Circuit breaker operates without service interruptions

The Model 61-055 is an automatic circuit breaker finder that allows electrical contractors to quickly and accurately trace 120V AC circuit breakers and fuses without costly service interruptions. The product features a microprocessor built into the receiver that eliminates the need for thumbwheel sensitivity adjustments in locating breakers or fuses. Ideal Industries Inc.
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