Crimping tool offers battery powered, one-handed operation

The Patriot tool for contractor, utility and telecommunications markets features a fast crimp time, improved ergonomic design and an 18V nickel metal-hydride battery. Offering trouble-free operation, the tool features the latest engineering technology with patented pump, transmission and piston design. The tool provides a consistent, reliable connection up to 750 kcmil and a quieter, more efficient operation. It is designed with the versatile Y750 tool head, allowing the user to reach tight spaces. With its 360-deg head-rotation design, the tool head can operate in virtually any position. The tool has a 12-ton output force, an audible “pop-off” visual crimp indicator and an ergonomically balanced design to lessen fatigue. It incorporates a patent-pending bearing and alignment guide for use with Hyground and other asymmetrical connectors. FCI/Burndy
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Nonspark electrical cleaner contains no HCFCs

The NoSpark electrical cleaner offers plastic-safe contact and precision cleaning. The fast-evaporating, nonflammable cleaner penetrates and cleans without leaving a residue. This high-performance formula is said to provide an alternative to contact cleaners containing HCFCs or other chlorinated solvents. It is especially suited for cleaning electrical parts as well as other types of delicate mechanisms. It penetrates into minute spaces for thorough and effective cleaning and is safe on most surfaces, including plastic. LPS Laboratories
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Cat. 6 horizontal cable features cost-saving design

This is a UTP, CMR rated, solid-conductor four-pair Cat. 6-compliant cable. The cable is designed to reduce the installed cost of horizontal cable runs through improved ease of installation, lower unit cost and reduced tray/pathway fill. It is also intended for use in non-flexing equipment cords in the highest performance networks. The cable achieves Cat. 6 performance without the use of a spline, special pair separators, bonded pairs, or other unusual features. This results in a design that is cost effective, more flexible and smaller in diameter than most other Cat. 6 horizontal cables. Quabbin Wire & Cable
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Fittings expand and contract to accommodate nonmetallic conduit

The manufacturer has added One-Piece Expansion Joints (OPEJ) to the Scepter line of nonmetallic fittings. NEC-compliant, the Scepter OPEJ accommodates the thermal expansion and contraction of rigid non-metallic conduit. A single OPEJ fitting controls 1-¼ in. of thermal expansion and/or contraction regardless of temperature at time of installation. Ranging from ½ in. to 2 in. in size, the efficient design of the OPEJ provides fast, trouble-free installation. The addition of the OPEJ series complements IPEX's existing product line of expansion joints to meet various expansion fitting needs. Ipex
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