Padlock management system deters theft

The Padlock Management System is a secure padlock storage system designed to reduce padlock theft In order to remove a lock from the system, an employee must use an issued “access key.” This access key, which has an injected-molded numerical identifier, is assigned to each employee. To gain access to their padlock, the employee must insert the key into the system to remove their lock. Brady Worldwide
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Conduit entry template eases layout

The HolSquare conduit entry template is said to be the only tool of its kind for marking conduit entry layout on enclosures. The product enables electricians to mark equally spaced, standardized KO conduit entry points quickly and easily. The product eliminates the need for measuring and calculating. It reduces tapping and drilling errors. It works best on panels, troughs and junction boxes. The easy-to-use template involves no math or measuring and comes complete with a two-piece layout template and easy-to-use instructions. Hoffman
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Pool/spa bonding system complies to Code

This package of NE Code complaint pool/spa bonding solutions is comprised of mechanical grounding and bonding terminals equipped with stainless steel slotted headless screws for easy installation; mechanical connectors for grounding and bonding to ground rod or concrete reinforcement bar; YGA terminals; YGA splices; YGA-tap crimpits; lay-in lugs; and split bolts for joining copper to copper or steel to copper. FCI Burndy USA
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Software documents cabling connections

The docIT cable management system manages data/telecom information for labeling, testing and documenting. The software provides a detailed picture of the cabling infrastructure, allowing the MIS group to improve service and reduce cost in moves, adds and changes; repair downtime; physical plant loss; controlling vendors; security; disaster recovery and future expansion. docIT is made by IMAP, which is part of the Textron Data Signal Voice Network marketed under the brand name “Tempo.” The software is compliant with the proposed ANSI/TIA/EIA 606A standard. IMAP Textron
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Nonmetallic products install easily for residential low-voltage

This system of nonmetallic products is designed for fast, easy installation of residential low-voltage structured wiring. The structured cabling management system offers a wide array of nonmetallic cabling brackets and boxes, flexible raceway, floor boxes, fittings and accessories. The products are designed to change the way the installing contractor approaches low-voltage work by providing products that are fast and easy to install to lower overall structured cable installed cost. The product includes a dual-voltage box/bracket, adjustable low-voltage brackets, flexible raceway and fittings and a divider for two-, three- and four-gang boxes. Carlon, Lamson & Sessions
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