Home media system replaces expensive cable with Cat. 5

The Decora Media System makes it possible to replace old-style audio/video distribution components and wiring. It uses the same type of wiring found in structured cabling systems. Leviton Voice and Data Div.
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Fiber-optic crimping connector assembles easily

The Premise 2Quick is a fiber-optic crimp SC and ST-style connector. This patent-pending nonadhesive connector assembles easily and reliably onto the fiber in roughly two minutes. Hubbell Premise Wiring
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Structured cabling systems have passed stringent test

The GigaMax 5e, GigaMax 5e plus and Extreme 6 structured cabling systems passed the ITS/ETL testing program, which measures total throughput under real network conditions. Leviton Voice and Data Div.
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Strap bundles and secures wire and cable

This wire bundle strap bundles and secures wiring in a variety of applications. The strap is designed with two mounting holes that permit its installation on wood, masonry and other surfaces, using standard fasteners such as screws or nails. Panduit
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System provides six connections

The RC9FF furniture feed poke-through system with a hexagonal service head provides up to six power and communications connections in one unit. The system accepts communications grommets and threaded drop-in hubs to support flexible conduit connections. Wiremold
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Universal Patch panels accommodate configurations

Universal Cat. 5 and Universal GigaMax 5e join extreme 6 Universal 6 Universal Patch Panels to accommodate both T568B and T568A wiring configurations. The patch panels deliver reliable, error-free network transmission under real-time conditions. Leviton Voice and Data Div.
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Cable ties are best for datacom applications

The TAK-TY hook and loop cable ties are designed for network and telecommunications cable management. Because their one-piece hook and loop design makes them easy to install, release and reuse, the durable new ties are best for applications where frequent changes are common or continuous access is essential to the installer. Panduit
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