The February issue had several potentially misleading statements regarding ConEst Software Systems, Londonderry, N.H. Information from another software vendor stated that its products were the only estimating software products authorized by Microsoft to use the “Designed for Microsoft WindowsNT/98” logo.

This is not true. ConEst Software System's flagship estimating program, ConEst2000, is designed specifically for WindowsNT/98 operating systems and also carries the prestigious Microsoft logo.

Also, in the cover story on page 14 under a column entitled “This Year's Models,” ConEst was unintentionally omitted among that listing of suppliers of the most popular estimating programs. ConEst Software Systems is one of the major suppliers of estimating software for electrical and datacom contractors, a fact highlighted in a sidebar on page 13.

There could also be confusion over a headline in that issue's “Estimating News,” department on page 38, which read “Dexter + Chaney partners with ConEst Software.” The partnership between the two companies is a business arrangement, not a merger or acquisition. The two companies remain independent.

Our apologies to George Hague, president of ConEst Software Systems, to Jan Thayer, the company's sales and marketing director and to the rest of the management and staff at ConEst for this confusion.