J.C. Van Harn, Grandtech Inc., Grandville, Mich.

The following answer is based on the 1999 NEC.

  1. Screw plugs are missing in the middle and right conduits and the left one is overfilled with “duct seal,” and is also missing a cap/plug. Section 110-2 is violated because approval depends on a complete assembly.

  2. It looks like five threads are not engaged in the middle and right upper conduits. See Sections 501-4(a)(1) and (500-3(d). Also, see the UL definitions of “wrench tight” for the use of threaded conduit in hazardous (classified) locations.

  3. The sealing material has been violated in the middle and right. The manufacturer's procedures must be followed to comply with their listing/labeling. See Section 110-3(b).

  4. It looks like the thickness of the original material did not meet listing requirements, typically the trade diameter of the fitting, but never less than 0.625 in. See Section 501-5(c)(3).

  5. If new conductors have been pulled in, the fitting should have been replaced. The seal looks like it was damaged because the compound was removed. I would insist that it be cut out and replaced. See Section 110-3(a)(8).

  6. Although I cannot see all of the conductors, and unless the seal fitting is listed for more, the conductors cannot fill that space beyond 25% of the cross sectional area. See Section 501-5(c)6).

J.C.'s list goes on to identify possible conductor insulation damage; possible use of improper sealing compound; and external corrosion.

Editor's Note: This was all we could fit here on this page. J. C. included many more items all of which were valid Code references to support the violations he found.


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Hint: This receptacle was found in a tub area in Gilmore, Ariz.