TAMPA, Fla. - The BICSI Telecommunications Cabling Installation Training and Registration Program recently received warranty certification approval from numerous premises-cabling manufacturers.

Endorsing the BICSI registration program for manufacturer warranties are: ADC, Indianapolis; Homaco, Inc., Chicago; Krone, Inc., Denver; Ortronics, Inc., New London, Conn.; and Elgadphon Communications, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Bill Phelps, Vice President, Training and Standards, Ortronics, Inc. said "We appreciate the comprehensive training provided by BICSI and are pleased to be able to acknowledge the success of these programs by accepting BICSI certification as Ortronics certification."

BICSI introduced its comprehensive installation training and testing program in 1996 to produce competent cabling installers. The three-level installation curriculum includes classroom and laboratory instruction, a structured On-the-Job Training Booklet, and a written and hands-on examination.

The BICSI Telecommunications Cabling Installation Program has 93 licensed training sites in the United States and around the globe, and has registered nearly 10,000 Installers and Technicians since its inception four years ago. Registrations may be confirmed using a searchable database found on the BICSI Web site, www.bicsi.org.