Ernest Crowder from Fredericksburg, Va., an electrician with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, recently troubleshot a generator switchgear problem. When he opened the cabinet door on the switchgear, he discovered this “temporary lampholder” that was being used as a “permanent fuseholder.” It had a 15A fuse in it that was used to protect and supply some permanent lighting. Section 410.47 covers the installation of lampholders of the screw-shell type. They must be installed for use as lampholders only.

NOTE: It looks like the bushing used on the conduit violates Section 300.4(F) Insulated Fittings. Where raceways containing ungrounded conductors 4 AWG or larger enter a cabinet, box enclosure or raceway, the conductors are required to be protected by a substantial fitting providing a smoothly-rounded insulating surface, unless the conductors are separated from the fitting or raceway by substantial insulating material that is securely fastened in place.