Black Box announced a new technical service targeted at the home networking market: Black Box Home Networking Technical Support.

Initially, this new service will be test marketed in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area. Based upon the results of this pilot program, Black Box will roll out home networking technical services throughout the United States.

A Black Box Home Network will enhance homeowners' high-speed Internet service by allowing shared, simultaneous access in multiple locations within their home without the need for costly multiple service lines. Families will now be able to experience the same speed, accessibility, and reliability of a commercial or school network -- all in the comfort of their own home.

Blaine Kriebel, Marketing Manager for Black Box Home Networking said, "Currently, the home networking market is a growing multi-billion-dollar industry that is serviced by a very fragmented group of local service providers. What Black Box brings to the home market is our unique One Source concept that we currently market to our commercial clients. As One Source, Black Box provides all the products and technical services needed to design, install, and maintain a home network."

Kriebel said his company's mission is to demystify home networking.

"Today, the market is very confused because of the lack of standards and a proven national technical service leader. Black Box will now provide the homeowner with the required technical services to help design, install, and maintain a cost-effective home network including desktop computer network support."

Black Box's desktop computer network support provides homeowners' with quick and easy access to home networking experts who can answer their questions. Whether the networking issue is hardware or software related -- clients only make one phone call.

Black Box Home Networking Services will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Homeowners can simply call 724-746-5500 to solve their problems over the phone or, if required, to schedule in-home design consultation.