The PQL 100 Series is a single-phase power-quality logger designed to measure and log from a complete suite of electrical, power quality, and power quantity parameters. The PQL 100 measures, records and stores the selected parameters in its memory. The recorded information is retrieved via a computer using an RS-232 serial link. A report-compliant DataView Lite software package, which provides graphs, waveforms and pre-configured reports, is supplied with the power-quality loggers. The easy-to-use report- compliant software graphs real-time, posts recorded data and prints reports from a library of standard user-customizable presentations. The PQL 100 Series is designed for North American commercial, industrial and residential applications, and is plugged into a standard AC receptacle. The logger is line powered from the voltage source that it is connected to, with an internal battery to protect data integrity during power outages and programmed configuration for up to one year. AEMC Instruments