Employers are feeling the pressure of a sped-up world partly by the mobile device. Hiring decisions have to be made more quickly, some say, and technology can help.

Power Design, Inc., a St. Petersburg, Fla., electrical contractor, has begun using digital video interviewing services provided by HireVue, South Jordan, Utah. Via either a web-based platform or an app for mobile devices, employers can conduct two-way interviews or receive candidate responses to interview questions.

“We’re trying to leverage this technology as much as possible, and we’ve seen 40% growth recently in virtual interviews,” says Staffing Manager Tyson Conrad. “A lot of our individuals are on large construction projects and random areas, and HireVue Mobile allows us to easily connect.”

Faith Technologies, a Menasha, Wis., contractor, is using more technology-enabled interviewing via services like Skype video to connect with candidates more quickly.

“You don’t have the luxury of waiting around with candidates today,” says Stephanie Guin, executive vice president of human resources. “We used to have every field person weigh in on applications, so we have to do more tag-teaming and teamwork on interviews to get them done more quickly.”

Job candidates are less willing to wait through extended reviews, especially as the job market improves, says Ted Konnerth, CEO of Egret Consulting, a Chicago-based recruiting consultancy specializing in electrical industry staffing. Drawn-out hiring processes involving multiple interviews, multi-level reviews, and more back-and-forth are less acceptable to candidates.

“It’s like hazing,” he says. “There are too many opportunities out there now for good people to wait around. I recently resigned my relationship with a client largely because they were telling prospective candidates it would be a 6- to 12-month process. That’s not today’s reality.”