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Energy Storage Evolution  2

After years of idling on the cutting-edge fringe of the electrical grid, energy storage is revving its engine, primed to take a run at securing a permanent and constructive slot in the global energy infrastructure.

Internet of Things for Dummies 1
Understanding the difference between IoT acronyms.
An Industrial Strength Web 
Things are due to change on the factory floor. The machinery, systems, and processes manufacturers use to produce goods are on track to gain a digital voice, audible courtesy of the next frontier in digital communications — the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
Spinning a New Web 
As the scope of the Internet of Things widens, the task of building the electrical infrastructure to support it gets more attention. Electrical services providers will be faced with navigating this challenging terrain.
Moving T&M to the Fast Lane 
In the 1990s, as the predictive and condition-based maintenance field began to flower with technologies like infrared thermography, vibration analysis, and ultrasonics, Bob Madding attended a presentation by a leading maintenance guru that left him mildly puzzled.
A New Approach to Electrical Safety 

Organizations forced to send workers into the teeth of energized electrical equipment face a generally toothier set of rules for ensuring their safety heading into 2015.

LEDs Still a Mystery to Many Contractors  2
Held up as one of the proven, readily deployable technologies that could put a big dent in global energy consumption over time, LED lighting products are drawing the interest of ever more electrical contractors looking for avenues into the lucrative and growing energy-efficiency market.
Point, Click, Purchase 
Little seems sacred any more in the rapidly changing world of commerce — a lesson electrical contractors and their distributors themselves are learning all too well, sometimes painfully and awkwardly.
Getting More of the “Less” Market 
Amidst tumbling fossil fuel prices, the flowering of new oil and gas extraction technologies, and the snail’s pace adoption of alternative energy, it can be tempting to declare interest in energy conservation officially in hibernation.
A New APProach to Logistics 
To the uninitiated, a bustling construction site can look like a tangled mass of confusion. Materials stacked here and there, workers and equipment scurrying about like ants, a structure somehow taking shape amidst the apparent chaos.
EE Evolution 
A decade ago, Erhan Kudeki, Ph.D, then a 20-year member of the electrical engineering (EE) faculty at the University of Illinois, looked on as student interest in one of the nation’s premier EE programs softened.
Pool Shock Peril Resurfaces  5
A stew of knotty issues is sparking fresh debate over whether swimming pools adequately protect users from the menace of electric shock.
Trawling, Not Squeezing, for Motor Efficiency  1
Energy efficiency always carries a price, and the federal government’s latest initiative to wring more savings from efficient electric motors offers proof.
A True Shock to the System 

Like peeling away the layers of an onion, research into electrical injuries is revealing more all the time. It’s enough to bring a tear to the eye when the full extent of the potential damage to unfortunate victims — most from the workplace — is completely grasped.

Solar Under Fire  9
Festering fire service worries over the hazards of working around rooftop photovoltaic (PV) installations are beginning to see the light of day.
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