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Beyond Injury Prevention 
Despite the best efforts of the likes of OSHA, the U.S. Department of Labor, and the employers they oversee, workplace injuries remain an inescapable and unfortunate reality.
Lighting as a Service Showing Promise 
As lighting technologies advance at near light-speed and luminaire costs fall at a similar pace, the value of prioritizing lighting retrofit and upgrade projects would seem more obvious than ever. Next-generation, feature-rich LED lighting has clearly become cheaper to acquire and install, thanks to growing competition and improving technology.
Fine-Tuning the Codes 
Codes and standards aimed at moving the needle on construction of more energy-efficient buildings continue to evolve
Microgrids Gain Momentum 
Necessity is the mother of invention, to be sure. It also gives birth to urgency, of course, spawning action where there’s been complacency and delay
High School Hopefuls  1
Don Blake’s introductory electricity classes at F.K. Marchman Technical College in New Port Richey, Fla., once consisted mostly of students drawn from high schools in the Pasco County School District.
The LED Blues  11
A summer of white-hot debate over the advisability of relying on the prevailing technology for bright white, high-intensity LED street lighting has merged into an autumn of a cold standoff. In one corner, the American Medical Association (AMA) has yet to formally respond to critiques of its controversial report (issued in June), linking the growing prevalence of established LED lighting solutions to heightened risks to human well-being and the integrity of the natural environment.
Barely Reaching New Heights: EC&M's 2016 Top 50 Electrical Contractors 
The nation’s largest electrical contractors booked record electrical and datacom revenues in 2015, further distancing themselves from the trough hit in 2010.
Chasing the Rising Sun 
Solar energy appears to be having its day in the sun, setting the stage for more opportunities for those angling to design and install systems that harness the ever-more accessible renewable energy source.
The Human and Technical Sides to Electrical Testing  1
On the surface, electrical testing and measurement is all about numbers. It’s a straightforward process of gathering data that, when properly collected and analyzed, reveals essential information about the status and condition of electrical components and systems.
Kicking It into High Gear: EC&M's 2016 Top 40 Electrical Design Firms  2
See the 2016 Top 40 Electrical Design Firms
Deconstructing Danger 
Near-miss reporting — a workplace injury-prevention tool steadily gaining more credence — poses a conundrum of sorts. Up to a point, perhaps, you might think the more of it the better, but eventually you want to start seeing less.
Lighting’s New Bright Idea  1
The National Lighting Bureau recently explored the issue of lighting systems and cybersecurity during a panel discussion at its Annual Lighting Forum.
The Balancing Act 
There’s a lot of energy — mostly constructive, but some nervous — percolating beneath the mostly placid surface of the zero net energy (ZNE) building movement.
Get Smart 
It’s rare to find a building going up these days that doesn’t aspire to be “smart.”
Energy Storage Evolution  2

After years of idling on the cutting-edge fringe of the electrical grid, energy storage is revving its engine, primed to take a run at securing a permanent and constructive slot in the global energy infrastructure.

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