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Code Quiz: Electrostatic Hand-Spraying Equipment 
As per Art. 516, in spray applications the objects being painted shall be maintained in electrical contact
Code Quiz: Wiring from a COPS Source  2
Wiring from a COPS source or COPS source distribution overcurrent protection device to critical loads
Code Quiz: COPS Wiring Requirements 
Excluding exceptions, when installing feeder and branch circuit wiring for COPS circuits, two or more COPS circuits (other than critical loads) supplied form the same source
Code Quiz: Overcurrent Device Requirements 
For additional branch circuits for other utilization equipment not identified in Sections 620.22, 620.23 and 620.24, where must the overcurrent devices protecting those branch circuits be located?
Code Quiz: GFCI Protection for Personnel 
What situation can 15A and 20A, 125V, single-phase receptacles be installed without GFCI protection?
Code Quiz: Conductors in Luminaire Outlet Boxes  1
What, if any, is the temperature limit of conductors installed in luminaire outlet boxes?
Code Quiz: Connection of LED Luminaires  1
LED luminaires supported independently of the outlet box shall be connected to the branch circuit by which of the following methods?
Code Quiz: Ampacities of Conductors Rated 2,001V to 35,000V 
When determining ampacities of conductors rated between 2,001V and 35,000V, where shields are grounded at more than one point...
Code Quiz: Ampacities of Conductors Rated 2,001V to 35kV 
When determining ampacities of conductors for underground circuits rated between 2,001V and 35,000V, where burial depths are modified from the values shown in a figure or table
Code Quiz: Rules for Receptacle Mounting  3
When using screws for the purpose of attaching receptacles to a box, the screws shall be of the type provided with a listed receptacle, or shall be _______ screws having ______ threads per inch or part of a listed assembly in accordance with the manufacturer’s listing instructions.
Code Quiz: Receptacle Mounting Requirements 
In accordance with Sec. 406.5 of the 2014 Edition of the NEC, receptacles shall be mounted in ______ boxes or _______.
Code Quiz: Proper Installation of an Isolated Ground Receptacle  3
Isolated ground receptacles installed in nonmetallic boxes shall be covered with a _________.
Code Quiz: Boxes and Faceplates 
Faceplates provided for snap switches mounted in boxes shall be installed so as to _________ cover the opening, and where the switch is flush mounted, seat against the finished surface.
Code Quiz: Approved Wiring Methods in Marinas and Boatyards 
With respect to wiring methods and materials for marinas and boatyards, when using portable power cables, the power cables shall be rated not less than ___ , and listed for both wet location and sunlight resistance as part of the overall requirements?
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