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Code Quiz: Power Supply Cords 2
NEC guidelines on power supply cords
Code Quiz: Connection of Luminaires
NEC rules on connecting luminaires
Code Quiz: Calculating Lighting Loads 2
NEC rules on calculating inductive and LED lighting loads for circuits supplying lighting units that have ballasts, transformers, autotransformers, or LED drivers
Code Quiz: Circuit Connections for Fixed Electric Heating Systems
NEC requirements for circuit connections on fixed electric heating systems
Code Quiz: Pull Boxes for Fixed Electric Heating Systems
NEC requirements regarding pull boxes for fixed electric heating systems
Code Quiz: Grounding Requirements for Switches 1
NEC guidelines on grounding requirements for switches
Code Quiz: Snap Switches 1
NEC guidelines on snap switches
Code Quiz: Definition of Patient Bed
NEC guidelines on the definition of a patient bed and when a table is considered to be a bed location
Code Quiz: Name That Article
Which Article of the 2011 NEC consists of only two sections, uses the word "specific" in the title, and makes reference to seven other Articles in the Scope statement?
Code Quiz: Position of Receptacle Faces

Fill in the blank with the appropriate answer.

Excluding any exception(s), after installation, receptacles __________ faceplates of insulating material, and shall project a minimum of 0.015 in. from metal faceplates.

Code Quiz: Mounting Receptacles
When mounting receptacles in boxes that are set back from the finished surface as permitted in 314.20, the receptacles shall be installed so that the mounting yoke or strap of the receptacle is _________ .
Code Quiz: Door Stops and Cover Plates 1

Fill in the blank with the appropriate answer.

When installing metal-clad power switchgear (greater than 600V), the external hinged doors or covers must be  ___________ .

A. provided with stops to hold them in the open position

B. provided with a full-length hinge

C. lockable.

D. Provided with a viewing window

Answer: A

Code Quiz: Underground Wiring in Class I, Division 1 Locations

When installing polyvinyl chloride conduit (PVC) or reinforced thermosetting resin conduit (RTRC) as a Class I, Division 1 wiring method for an underground installation in a tank farm area, which statement is not true?

A. The conduit(s) must be installed with 24 in. of cover over the top of the concrete, which encases the conduit.

B. The conduit(s) must be covered by at least 2 in. of concrete.

C. The conduit(s) must be encased in a concrete envelope by at least 2 in. of concrete.

Code Quiz: Underground Wiring

When installing PVC conduit or RTRC as an approved wiring method in an underground installation to supply a gasoline dispensing device at a gas station, which statement is true?

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