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Code Quiz: Adjustment Factors for Bare or Covered Conductors 
Where bare or covered conductors are installed with insulated conductors, the temperature rating of the bare or covered conductors shall be equal to
Code Quiz: Wiring Exposed to Direct Sunlight 
When installing insulated conductors or cables exposed to the direct rays of the sun, such as interlocked armored cables in a cable tray installed outdoors, the cables shall be _________.
Code Quiz: Submersible or Floating Equipment Power Connection(s) 
With respect to natural and artificially made bodies of water (excluding exceptions), when is it permissible to disconnect submersible or floating electrical equipment from its supply by means of cord and plug connection?
Code Quiz: Sizing EGCs 
When installing branch circuits for artificial bodies of water, such as municipal infrastructure, what is the minimum size (copper) equipment grounding conductor required for a 15A, 120V circuit?
Code Quiz: Protection of Wiring for Audio Type Equipment 
Where accessible to the public, flexible cords and cables laid or run on the ground or on the floor shall be covered with ...
Code Quiz: Grounding Requirements for Audio Type Equipment 
Where a wireway or auxiliary gutter does not contain power-supply wires, the equipment grounding conductor (EGC) shall not be required to be larger than ____ AWG copper or its equivalent.
Code Quiz: Permitted Voltage Ratings for Class 2 and Class 3 Cables 
When are the voltage ratings permitted on Class 2 and Class 3 cables, per the listing requirements of Part IV of Art. 725?
Code Quiz: Marking Requirements for Class 2 and Class 3 Cables 
Excluding exceptions, why are voltage ratings not marked on Class 2 and Class 3 cables per the listing requirements of Part IV of Art. 725?
Code Quiz: Handle Used in Electrostatic Hand-Spraying Equipment 
In spray applications, as per Art. 516, the handle of the spraying gun shall be constructed so that the operator, in normal operating position, is in direct electrical contact with the grounded handle — with a resistance of not more than ___ megohm — to prevent buildup of a static charge on their body.
Code Quiz: Electrostatic Hand-Spraying Equipment 
As per Art. 516, in spray applications the objects being painted shall be maintained in electrical contact
Code Quiz: Wiring from a COPS Source  2
Wiring from a COPS source or COPS source distribution overcurrent protection device to critical loads
Code Quiz: COPS Wiring Requirements 
Excluding exceptions, when installing feeder and branch circuit wiring for COPS circuits, two or more COPS circuits (other than critical loads) supplied form the same source
Code Quiz: Overcurrent Device Requirements 
For additional branch circuits for other utilization equipment not identified in Sections 620.22, 620.23 and 620.24, where must the overcurrent devices protecting those branch circuits be located?
Code Quiz: GFCI Protection for Personnel 
What situation can 15A and 20A, 125V, single-phase receptacles be installed without GFCI protection?
Code Quiz: Conductors in Luminaire Outlet Boxes  1
What, if any, is the temperature limit of conductors installed in luminaire outlet boxes?
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