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Code Quiz: AFCI and GFCI Protection  4
In which area of a dwelling unit are both GFCI and AFCI protection required?
Code Quiz: Ground Fault Protection of Equipment 
Which of the following installations does not require ground fault protection of equipment?
Code Quiz: GFCI Protection  4
Which of the following items may be wired directly (i.e., hard-wired) without cord-and-plug connection, thus omitting the requirement for GFCI protection?
Code Quiz: Masts as Supports  2
When using a mast as a support for feeder and/or branch circuit conductors, only __________ shall be permitted to be attached to the feeder and/or branch circuit mast.
Code Quiz: Service Masts as Supports  2
When installing a service mast, the hubs used with the conduit that serve the service mast shall be what?
Code Quiz: GFCI Requirements in Laundry Areas  3
A laundry area within a dwelling unit has 3-each, single-phase, 125V, 20A receptacle outlets.
Code Quiz: Let’s Get Specific 
Which Article in the 2011 NEC consists of only two sections, uses the word “specific” in the title, and makes reference to seven other Articles in its scope statement?
Code Quiz: Identifying DC Branch Circuit Conductors 
When identifying branch circuit conductors (6 AWG or smaller) of direct-current systems that are more than 50V, the ungrounded positive conductor shall be identified by a red outer finish
Code Quiz: The Grouping of Multiwire Branch Circuits 
The requirement for grouping ungrounded and grounded conductors of multiwire branch circuits, per 210.4(D), shall not apply if ________ .
Code Quiz: Field-Applied Markings  1
When applying field markings per 110.21(B), the field applied marking shall be permanently attached to the equipment or wiring method and shall not be handwritten unless ________________.
Code Quiz: Neutral Conductor Installation Requirements 
Disregarding exceptions, where more than one neutral conductor associated with different circuits is in an enclosure, grounded circuit conductor(s) of each circuit shall be identified or grouped to correspond with the ungrounded circuit conductor(s) by methods such as ______________ in at least one location within the enclosure.
Code Quiz: Dedicated Space for Outdoor Equipment  2
NEMA 3R service equipment is installed outdoors on the exterior wall of a building.
Code Quiz: Panic Hardware 
With respect to the requirement of panic hardware on personnel doors of electrical equipment rooms, this hardwareis now required to be____________ per the 2014 NEC.
Code Quiz: Field Marking of Equipment
The available fault current markings, which are referenced in Sec. 110.24 of the 2014 NEC, are related to ____________.
Code Quiz: Disconnecting Means 2
Where a disconnecting means is required to be lockable open as described in 110.25 of 2014 NEC, when is the provision for the locking means to remain in place not required?

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