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Code Quiz: Field Marking of Equipment 
The 2017 requirement for field marking of available fault current at service equipment rated 1,200A or more, installed in other than dwelling units, now includes which additional piece of information?
Code Quiz: Arc Flash Hazard Warning for Service Equipment 
The 2017 NEC requirement for arc-flash hazard warning for service equipment installed in other than dwelling units now includes additional information such as ­­­­__________.
Code Quiz: The Acronym Game  1
The new acronym “FEB,” as used in the 2017 NEC, stands for ___________.
Code Quiz: Source of Equipment 
As AHJ’s examine electrical equipment for safety, the equipment may be new, but it might also be ___________.
Code Quiz: Covers for Pull Boxes, Junction Boxes and Conduit Bodies 
All pull boxes, junction boxes, and conduit bodies shall be provided with covers ______ with the box or conduit body construction and _____ for the conditions of use.
Code Quiz: Permanent Barriers 
Where permanent barriers are installed in a box, each section shall be considered as a ______ ______.
Code Quiz: Restricted Access for Adjustable-Trip Circuit Breakers 
When dealing with adjustable-trip circuit breakers, “restricted access” is defined as?
Code Quiz: Electrical System Coordination 
Where an orderly shutdown is required to minimize the hazard to personnel and equipment, a system of coordination based on which conditions is permitted?
Code Quiz: Load Side Utilization Conductor Size in Low-Voltage Suspended Ceiling Power Distribution System 
What is the minimum size (copper) current-carrying conductor permitted for load side utilization equipment of low-voltage suspended ceiling power distribution systems?
Code Quiz: Suspended-Ceiling, Low-Voltage, Power-Grid Distribution Systems 
NEC requirement for grounding the load side circuits for suspended ceiling low-voltage power grid distribution systems that are supplied by a Class 2 power source
Code Quiz: Adjustment Factors for Bare or Covered Conductors 
Where bare or covered conductors are installed with insulated conductors, the temperature rating of the bare or covered conductors shall be equal to
Code Quiz: Wiring Exposed to Direct Sunlight 
When installing insulated conductors or cables exposed to the direct rays of the sun, such as interlocked armored cables in a cable tray installed outdoors, the cables shall be _________.
Code Quiz: Submersible or Floating Equipment Power Connection(s) 
With respect to natural and artificially made bodies of water (excluding exceptions), when is it permissible to disconnect submersible or floating electrical equipment from its supply by means of cord and plug connection?
Code Quiz: Sizing EGCs 
When installing branch circuits for artificial bodies of water, such as municipal infrastructure, what is the minimum size (copper) equipment grounding conductor required for a 15A, 120V circuit?
Code Quiz: Protection of Wiring for Audio Type Equipment 
Where accessible to the public, flexible cords and cables laid or run on the ground or on the floor shall be covered with ...
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