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Code Quiz: Vertical Support Requirements for Cable Routing Assemblies 
When installing communication wires and cables in cable routing assemblies, vertical runs of the cable routing assemblies shall be supported at intervals not to exceed _______, unless listed for other support intervals, and shall not have more than one joint between supports
Code Quiz: Horizontal Support Requirements for Cable Routing Assemblies 
When installing communication wires and cables in cable routing assemblies, horizontal supports for cable routing assemblies shall be installed at intervals not to exceed _____ at each end or joint unless listed otherwise. In no case shall the distance between supports exceed _____.
Code Quiz: Installation of Fire-Resistive Cable Systems  1
Where a fire-resistive system is listed to be installed in a raceway, the raceway enclosing the system is permitted to be which one of the following?
Code Quiz: Fire-Resistive Cable System Grounding Requirements 
When installing a fire-resistive system requiring an equipment grounding conductor (EGC), the EGC shall use the same fire-rated cable described in the system, unless installed in compliance with which of the following requirements?
Code Quiz: Grounding of Strut-Type Channel Raceway  2
Where a strut-type channel raceway enclosure uses a snap-fit metal cover to achieve electrical continuity in accordance with the listing,
Code Quiz: Motor and Controller Disconnecting Means  4
With respect to a motor circuit application, the disconnecting means at the controller location is “in sight from” and 15 ft from the controller.
Code Quiz: Ampacity of Generator Conductors 
Excluding any exception(s), what is the minimum ampacity of the conductors from the generator terminals to first distribution device containing overcurrent protection?
Code Quiz: Handhole Enclosure Requirements  1
With respect to wiring entries, such as a schedule 80 PVC raceway installed underground entering into a handhole enclosure, a schedule 80 PVC raceway shall be mechanically and electrically connected to the handhole enclosure by ______.
Code Quiz: RMC Threadless Couplings and Connectors  1
When installing listed threadless couplings and connectors on rigid metal conduit (RMC), where buried in concrete or masonry, the couplings and connectors shall be ______.
Code Quiz: IMC Used in Corrosive Environments 

When installing intermediate metal conduit (IMC), elbows, couplings and fittings in corrosive environments, such as in concrete or direct contact in the earth or areas subject to severe corrosive influences, the IMC shall be protected by corrosion protection and _________________.

Code Quiz: Pendant Box Support Requirements  1
When installing a single rigid metal or intermediate metal conduit to support a pendant box that supports a luminaire, the threaded joints shall be prevented from loosening by _______.
Code Quiz: Support Wire Requirements in Suspended Ceilings 
When installing an enclosure (such as a 4 x 2 1/8 in. square metal box) above a suspended ceiling by means of support wires, the enclosure shall be secured using _________. The support wires shall be _____ within the ceiling cavity.
Code Quiz: Raceways in Wet Locations Abovegrade 

When installing a THHN / THWN insulated conductor in a raceway that is located on the outside wall of a building or structure (wet location), the choice for the type of conductor insulation is permitted to be based on _____________.

A. the use of THHN insulation rating, based on a dry location rating, as the inside of the raceway is considered to be a dry location. The installation shall also comply with  310.10(C).

Code Quiz: Sizing the Grounding Conductor for a Single Raceway 
Why is the term “grounded conductor” included in the heading of new Table 250.102(C)(1)?
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