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The how, what, and where of power conditioning. (part 7)
New MV products can transfer in milliseconds while others sense sags and boost voltages quickly.Although we usually don't associate the term "power quality"
The how, what, and where of power conditioning. (part 6)
Solid-state subcycle switching devices can eliminate the need for a UPS, if two sources of power are available.For more than 70 years, we've had the motor-generator
The how, what, and where of power conditioning
Depending on the sensitivity of the load and its critically, differing configurations of solid-state UPS systems can do the job.In last month's session,
The how, what, and where of power conditioning. (part 4)
New motor/alternator technologies revolutionize the concept of the uninterruptible power supply.In our last episode of "Power Conditioning," we looked
The how, what, and where of power conditioning. (part 3)
Older motor-generator technology has been updated so that the MG set is still a reliable and viable source of conditioned power.Don't discount old power
The how, what, and where of power conditioning - Part 2.
A quick jump to a power conditioning device may not solve the problem and actually may create more of a problem.Let's begin the examination of power conditioning
The how, what and where of power conditioning, part 1.
Depending on the situation and problem, power conditioning may not be the solution. And, in the majority of instances, it isn't.At past EC&M Harmonics
Watch out for induced electrical noise. (part 2)
Other types of transients can be transmitted through the air and/or coupled onto nearby conductors.In Part 1, we examined the effects of induced electrical
Watch out for induced electrical noise. (part 1)
Common mode electrical noise can cause system shutdowns relating to signal transmission problems.Over the years, we've spent considerable time in covering
Conducting a power quality site analysis
There are three locations where you can determine the extent of harmonic interaction: the nonlinear load, the next upstream transformer, and the point
Conducting a power quality site analysis, part 2.
Power quality activities include the interaction of a source energy supply with load use demands.In Part 1, we concentrated on what we called mystery
Conducting a power quality site analysis
A great deal of time is spent defining, identifying, and discussing power quality relationships. These activities fall into the "book learning" aspect
Specifying power conditioning equipment.
There are critical questions that must be asked before a specification can be put together for conditioning equipment purchase.How does power conditioning
Power quality and good housekeeping. (part 2)
Just because nonlinear loads are present doesn't automatically mean they are the source of system problems.Harmonics are power-related. That is, they
Power quality and good housekeeping. (part 1)
Power quality can be negatively affected by such mundane factors as loose power connections.When we consider all of the sophisticated apparatus used to
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Jul 21, 2015

ON DEMAND: Mitigation Methods for Arc Flash Hazards - Enhancing Personal Safety

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