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Q. Electricians in our area ground the metal conduit that runs up a utility pole to a local ground rod. Is this a Code compliant installation?
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Q. A fellow electrician told me if I were to wire an aboveground storable pool pump motor for 240V operation, the receptacle outlet would need to be located 10 feet from the pool. I thought five feet was the minimum. Who’s right?
Grounding vs Bonding — Part 11 of 12
Don’t let the bonding and grounding requirements of pools make you feel like you’re in over your head
Code Quandaries 1
Q. A new exception was added to 250.50 in the 2005 NEC, which states that concrete-encased electrodes are not required for existing buildings or structures where the conductive steel reinforcing bars aren't accessible without disturbing the concrete. Why was this exception added to the 2005 NEC, and what does this all mean?
Code Q&A
Q. How close can I run underground service conductors in a raceway to an outdoor pool?
Code Q&A
Q.When is a two-pole breaker required for a multiwire branch circuit? A.Multiwire and multiple branch circuits that supply devices or equipment on the same yoke (also called a strap) must be provided with a means to disconnect simultaneously all ...
Grounding vs Bonding — Part 10 of 12
Does the NEC require you to ground piping systems and structural steel? Be careful how you answer this question.
Code Quandaries 1
All questions and answers are based on the 2005 NEC. Q. Can a 15A, 125V receptacle be located above a suspended ceiling? A. Sure. Receptacles are permitted
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Q. Is a switch that is located in a bedroom but controls an outside light required to be AFCI protected? A. No. The requirement of 210.12(B) is that all 15 or 20A, 120V branch circuits that supply outlets in dwelling unit bedrooms must be protected by a ...
Code Q&A
Q. I’m working on an electric gate installation. Can I install control wiring in the same raceway with electrical power conductors? A. Maybe. According to 725.26(B)(1), Class 1 circuits can be placed in the same cable, enclosure, or raceway with ...
Grounding vs Bonding — Part 9 of 12
Do you know when an isolated ground is appropriate and how to properly install it?
Code Quandaries
All questions and answers are based on the 2005 NEC. Q. Where are hospital-grade receptacles required? A. Receptacles for inpatient sleeping beds or procedure
Code Q&A
Q. Can a stranded 12 AWG wire be placed under the screws for receptacles and switches? A. Conductor terminations must comply with manufacturer’s instructions as required by 110.3(B). For example, if the instructions for the device state “Suitable for ...
Code Q&A
Q. What size grounding electrode conductor is required for a 1,200A service supplied with three sets of 600 kcmil conductors per phase? A. When not run to a ground rod, concrete-encased electrode, or ground ring, the grounding electrode conductor must ...
Grounding vs Bonding — Part 8 of 12
Don’t use the equipment grounding conductor for grounding
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