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Q. What type of fitting can I use to terminate ground wires in a metal box?
Legally Required and Optional Standby Systems 1
Emergency power systems (Art. 700) are at the top of the hierarchy of backup power systems. Legally required standby systems, which fall under Art. 701,
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Q. Can 277V circuit conductors be placed within the same raceway with 120V circuit conductors?
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Q. Is liquidtight flexible metal conduit (LFMC) permitted under the raised floor of a computer room? If yes, must it be secured?
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Q. Can Table 310.15(B)(6) be used to size service conductors for a duplex?
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Q. Is GFCI protection required for a single-phase, 208V, 30A coffee maker receptacle in a commercial kitchen?
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Q. When determining the placement for receptacles in a dwelling, is the wall space behind a door required to be considered?
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Q. Am I required to install the secondary circuit conductors of a low-voltage lighting system (less than 30V) in a raceway or cable like power conductors?
Article 700: Emergency Systems 1
Essentially, emergency systems are lifelines for people, and Art. 700 is all about keeping those lifelines from breaking. The Article's main goal is to
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Q. Does the NEC specifically state that a generator must be grounded to the earth if its wiring is connected to the premises via a transfer switch that does not open the neutral?
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Q. Can the service disconnect be located within 5 feet of a pool or hot tub?
Power to the Pump 3
One of the principal NEC requirements for circuit protection is that you shut down the equipment rather than let supply conductors melt from overload.
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Q. I have six 18-foot metal poles to install in a parking area. Is a ground rod required at each pole? If not, then why do some people insist that they are required?
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Q. Can an air duct be installed directly above an electrical panel?
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Q. Can recessed or surface-mounted lighting fixtures be supported by securing them to the suspended ceiling grid, or must they be independently supported from the building structure?

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