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Don't Get Your Signals Crossed When Installing Radio and TV Equipment
Whether it’s professional transmitting equipment or local ham radio, grounding is the key to a safe system
Code Calculations
The grounding of the grounded (neutral) conductor to earth at service equipment is intended to help the utility limit the voltage imposed by lightning, line surges, or unintentional contact with higher voltage lines by shunting potentially dangerous ...
Code Q&A
Answers to your Code questions.
Code Q&A
Q. If I were to replace a two-wire receptacle in a bathroom outlet that doesn't have a grounding means, am I required to replace it with a GFCI receptacle? A. No, the replacement receptacle isn’t required to be of the GFCI type. However, it’s required ...
Don't Let Voltage Drop Get Your System Down
Contrary to common belief, the NEC generally doesn't require you to size conductors to accommodate voltage drop. It merely suggests in the Fine Print
Code Q&A
The answers to your NEC quandaries
Code Calculations
The ampacity of a conductor as listed in Table 310.16 is based on the conductor operating at an ambient temperature of 86ºF (30ºC). When the ambient temperature
Code Q&A
The answers to your NEC quandaries
Motor Calculations Part 2: Feeders
What’s the correct way to size motor feeders and related overcurrent protection?
Code Quandaries
Stumped by the Code?
Motors, Motor Circuits, and Controllers, Oh My! 1
Don’t be intimidated by the largest chapter of the NEC
Installation and operation of optional standby systems
With last year’s blackout still lingering on the minds of many, the use of optional standby power systems is worth a closer look.
Motor Calculations Part 1: Motors and Branch-Circuit Conductors 1
Overcurrent and short-circuit protection aren’t the same for motors
Cords and Fixture Wires
Correctly applying the requirements of Art. 400 and 402 can prevent serious problems
Code Quandaries 2
Stumped by the Code?
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