Mike Holt

NEC Trainer / Consultant,
Mike Holt Enterprises

Mike earned a masters degree in the Business Administration Program (MBA) from the University of Miami. He earned his reputation as a National Electrical Code (NEC) expert by working his way up through the electrical trade. Formally a construction editor for two different trade publications, Mike started his career as an apprentice electrician and eventually became a master electrician, an electrical inspector, a contractor, and an educator. Since 1975, he has provided custom in-house seminars for groups such as IAEI, NECA, ICBO, IBM, AT&T, Motorola, and the U.S. Navy. Mike has taught more than 1,000 classes on 30 different electrical-related subjects — ranging from alarm installations to exam preparation and voltage drop calculations. He continues to develop seminars, videos, books, and software as well as contributing monthly Code content to EC&M magazine.

Stumped by the Code? January 2010
Q. Do I need a grounding conductor for a pole light, or is the ground rod good enough?
Commercial Loads — Part 1 1
The electrical load requirements for commercial installations result in a great deal of diversity in usage.
Code Q&A
Q. Are AFCIs required for light fixtures and smoke alarms?
Code Q&A
Q. I recently saw a service disconnect that was being used as a conduit for two feeder circuits. Is this legal?
Multifamily Dwelling Unit Service and Feeder Calculations
How to calculate the service for a single-family or a multifamily dwelling
Code Q&A
Q. I need to run a feeder to a pool house panel. What are the wiring methods required for this type of installation?
Code Q&A
When are tamper-resistant receptacles required?
Dwelling Unit Calculations 3
Apply demand factors for correct load calculations
Code Quandaries, November 2009
Q. Is it legal to splice conductors in an "LB" fitting?
Code Q&A
Q. Can I install a panel in the clothes closet of a house if the working space of 110.26 is maintained?
Code Q&A
Q. We do a lot of generators for residences, and only recently have been getting written up on our transfer switches. The inspectors are saying that if I use the transfer switch to transfer the entire house — and I put it between the meter and the service disconnect — then the transfer switch must be 'service rated.' Can you help me understand the rules, please?
Health Care Facilities 6
Article 517 provides the requirements for those parts of health care facilities involving examination and treatment of patients
Code Quandaries
For a 240V to 208Y/120V transformer, is it better to bond the neutral to the metal frame at the transformer itself, at the panel, or at both locations?
Code Q&A
Q. What is the maximum length of raceway I can use where the conductor ampacity is not required to be adjusted for conductor bundling?
Code Q&A 1
Q. We have a heat tape system installed on a metal roof. Someone told us to use a GFCI on the circuit, and someone else told us not to. Does the NEC offer any guidance here?
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