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Code Q&A
Q. I want to install fluorescent strip lights on a sheetrock ceiling. Can I support the fixtures directly over the recessed outlet box and connect to the branch-circuit wiring through a chase nipple?
Article 230: Services Part 2
Part 1 of this two-part series, which ran in last month's August issue, explored how to ensure your service entrance equipment meets Code. Starting with
Code Quandaries 1
All questions and answers are based on the 2005 NEC. Q. Can Type MC cable be installed from fixture to fixture without support above a suspended ceiling?
Code Q&A
Q. What is the minimum service drop clearance above a roof?
Code Q&A
Q. Can I use aluminum rigid metal conduit in a Class 1, Div. I hazardous (classified) location?
Article 230: Services Part 1 1
Article 230, which consists of seven parts, provides the installation requirements for service conductors and equipment. Parts II, III, and IV address
Stumped by the Code? 1
All questions and answers are based on the 2005 NEC. Q. Are there any restrictions on the length of outside conductor (without overcurrent protection)
Code Q&A
Q. Can the disconnect switch be located next to equipment installed above an accessible drop ceiling, or must the switch be installed at a readily accessible location?
Code Q&A
Q. In a dwelling unit, what are the receptacle requirements for island counter tops?
Article 225: Outside Branch Circuits 4
Article 225 provides installation requirements for outside branch circuits and feeders that run on (or between) structures or poles (Fig. 1). The NEC
Code Quandaries
Q. Can I pass conductors from one panel through another panel? If so, what are the restrictions?
Code Q&A
Q. What are the requirements for supporting outlet boxes above/to suspended ceilings?
Code Q&A
Q. When a lighting and appliance panelboard is fed from the secondary of a 3-phase transformer, is the panelboard required to have a main breaker installed in it?
Article 215: Feeders
Last month, we looked at branch-circuit requirements in Art. 210. The next logical step up from the branch circuit is the feeder circuit. Thus, Art. 215,
Code Quandaries
All questions and answers are based on the 2005 NEC. Q. Since the neutral is bonded to the case at the meter enclosure, do I still need to bond the neutral
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